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Biocoop: premier driving force in France

Despite the existence of several successful network and franchise systems in the organic sector, Biocoop remains the biggest association of independent retailers in France. In 2014, turnover increased by 13.4 % to € 657m. At the beginning of July it was announced that Biocoop had appointed a new executive to take charge of the development of stores. Gilles Baucher comes from the conventional trade and has experience of working at Bahlsen, Monoprix, Quick and E-Leclerc.

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Nicaragua: Managua’s Green Wave

by Karin Heinze (comments: 0)

Ola Verde means green wave and is an organic enterprise in Managua. Carla Fjeld launched an initiative for healthy living and nutrition, and her restaurant, adjoining shop and catering have proved to be a great success.

Organic niche at Expo 2015

by Karin Heinze (comments: 0)

The world exhibition has been running in Milan since 1 May and will continue until 31 October. This mega-event is dominated by the giants in the agricultural and food industry. But anyone interested enough to search will find the initiatives and events that demonstrate a different approach and alternatives.

Supporting projects in developing and emerging countries

by Kai Kreuzer (comments: 0)

Launching a project abroad is often no easy undertaking. Facing this challenge are mainly companies that want to start, for example, a cropping and processing project in countries outside Europe.

Solar hotel in Paris

by Kai Kreuzer (comments: 1)

Exactly five years ago, an organic solar hotel was launched in Paris where you can breakfast on organic baguettes, organic croissant, organic jam, organic yogurt and organic compote. In the rooms there is a current edition of the consumer magazine Bio-Info and in the bathrooms you find Ecover liquid soap and shower gel.

Organic market in France grows by 10 %

by Kai Kreuzer (comments: 0)

There is strong demand for organic food in France and the market is continually growing. In 2014, turnover grew by 10 % compared with 2013 and amounted to five billion euros (Germany 7.8 billion euros). Per capita expenditure in France was 75 euros and the equivalent figure in Germany was 95 euros.

Turkish control organization ETKO loses EU authorization

by Leo Frühschütz (comments: 0)

With the Implementing Regulation 931/2015 the EU Commission removed the Turkish Control Organization ETKO from “The list of recognized control bodies for the purpose of equivalence”. It is unclear what consequences these decisions have for supplies of cereals and seed that were certified by ETKO and sent to the EU but have not yet been processed or consumed.

Oslo: Norway’s organic industry ready to expand

by Kai Kreuzer (comments: 0)

When it comes to the production and consumption of organics, Norway is one of the countries lagging behind in Europe. Further evidence is the fact that we can’t get up-to-date organic data about Norway – this most western of the Scandinavian countries and also one that is not a member of the EU.

Celebrating Soil Congress with an Appeal to Save our Soils!

by Karin Heinze (comments: 0)

The clock is ticking. Across the world, every minute of every day and night fertile soil the size of 30 football fields is lost – a fact made abundantly clear by a ticker on a huge screen standing in front of the Royal Tropical Institute during the congress Celebrating Soil! Celebrating Life! that was organized by Eosta/Nature&More in Amsterdam.

IFOAM EU: Organic Vision and Strategies for Europe in 2030

by Karin Heinze (comments: 0)

The 9th European IFOAM Congress undertook the important task of focusing on the future of the organic industry in Europe and devising strategies for turning the vision of the organic movement in 2030 into reality.

La Vie Claire: organic chain with 240 stores on an expansion path

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

After the organic association Biocoop, that has over 350 specialist wholefood stores, in terms of numbers La Vie Claire is in second place with 240 stores.

Bio-Planet: food retailer’s subsidiary an important player in Belgium

by Kai Kreuzer (comments: 0)

In April 2015, Bio-Planet’s fifteenth organic supermarket was opened in Halle, 20 km south-west of Brussels. 14 years ago in 2001, the first Bio-Planet store was launched in Kortrijk.

Natrue Membership Assembly was a big success

by Karin Heinze (comments: 0)

The Association for Natural & Organic Cosmetics Natrue hosted a highly successful Membership Assembly on 22 May. At the meeting new members were welcomed and old members were updated of the latest endeavours in the world of natural and organic cosmetics.

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