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Poland: new store concepts with bistro

Poland’s biggest wholefood retailer, the Organic Farma Zdrowia Group, increased turnover in 2014 by 25 %, which equates to a 25 % rise in value from 52 million zloty (12.5 million euros) to over 65 million zloty (15.1 million euros). By implementing a franchise system, the company’s aim is to be operating 100 specialist wholefood stores avross the whole of Poland by the end of 2017. Organic Farma Zdrowia (Health from Organic Farms) owns the online shops Ekosfera24 and Organic24, and it also has a share in the subsidiaries Eco-Vital (28 %), the wholefood wholesaler Bio Planet (100 %) and the restaurant chain Green Way (30 %). Bio Planet, founded in 2005, increased net profit significantly in 2014 to PLN 1.5 million (348,000 euros) from PLN 1.1 million (232,000 euros) in the preceding year.

Picture: "Organic" is a concept of the Organic Farma Zdrowia Group, the biggest wholefood retailer of Poland. But also the wholesaler Bio Planet is part of the group.

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Topical Reports / Most recent reports

Contaminated animal feed: Ukrainian supplier’s certificate withdrawn

by Leo Frühschütz

In the autumn of 2014, several consignments of organic sunflower cake were imported by the EU as animal feed from Ukraine. They were contaminated with pesticides and were presumably partly of conventional origin. So far, little progress has been made at EU level or in Ukraine to clear up this incident.

Meeting of European specialist organic magazines at BioFach

by Kai Kreuzer

An international and meeting of specialist journalists from seven countries – open to the public - took place for the first time at BioFach in 2015. With some well prepared Powerpoint presentations, they introduced their print an online magazines. The common factor was that they all specialized in the theme of organic.

Organics Brazil is a success story

by Karin Heinze

The Brazilian program OrganicsBrasil is designed to promote Brazilian organic and sustainable producers worldwide. It is mantained by Apex-Brasil the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, an executive department of Brazilian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Study reveals organic consumers maintain a healthier lifestyle

by Kai Kreuzer

A consumer survey on behalf of the Dutch wholefood retail chain EkoPlaza revealed surprising results and evidence that organic customers live healthier lives than the average population.

The Current State of the Organic Market in China

by Karin Heinze

According to the Report, organic food sales reached 10.5 billion yuan in 2007 in China and were estimated to be around 20-30 billion yuan (about 3-5 billion US$) in 2013. 2.722 million hectares of agricultural land were managed organically to China’s national organic standard.


BioFach / Vivaness: a review

by Karin Heinze

The Country of the Year, the Netherlands, presented itself colourfully and self-confidently. People marvelled at the growing variety of vegan food that was there on display in its own new Experience the World of Vegan.