Biological warfare with insects and genetic viruses?

The US-research agency DARPA is funding a research program that uses insects to release GM-viruses that can alter the genome of crops in the field. Scientists warn that such a system can be used as a biological weapon.

Ecovia Intelligence: Sustainability Beauty Award Finalists announced

In a press release, Ecovia Intelligence announced the finalists of the 2018 Sustainable Beauty Awards, which will be co-hosted alongside the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Europe on 6th November.

FiBL: SMART Tool to assess food chains

The run-up to the Swiss referendum on the Fair Food Initiative has shown that people want more sustainability and transparency with regard to the origin and production of food. FiBL has developed the "SMART tool" to make such achievements visible.

Ireland’s Organic Industry Must Grow!

Modern specialist wholefood shops, or even organic supermarkets with a good proportion of fresh food, are thin on the ground in Ireland.

Euro Coop’s Position Paper on the Review of the European Regulation on Organic Farming

The umbrella organisation of European Consumer Cooperatives took position
regarding the new EU Regulation und published this press release:

Transparency Is Just A Click Away

“In 2004 we were preoccupied mainly with the growers; last year the priority was building contacts with trade and brand article partners; 2006 is for us the year of the consumer.”

Anheuser Bush brewery is introducing organic beer as a test run

Anheuser-Busch, whose empire is built on Bud and Bud Light, is test-marketing its first organic beer in the North Bay, Santa Barbara and six other smallish cities in California.

Increasing imports of organic baby bananas from Ecuadar in EU and US

A small banana variety from Ecuador is developing into an export product with potential. 

EU commission ´admitted GM food uncertainty´

The European commission has been approving genetically modified crops for human consumption while secretly warning about their impact on health and the environment, a report published recently reveals.

SuperBiomarkt Takes Over Supernatural Stores

At the beginning of April, SuperBiomarkt AG (Munster) will suddenly get three new stores.

Freedom of Choice - Conference on GMOs in Vienna

EU leaders stressed the need for more information and experience before further legislation can be passed on genetically-modified organisms, at the end of a conference on GMOs in Vienna.

Organic Food To Consumers Doors

An organic fruit and veg doorstep delivery service from Richmond, UK is expanding into Cumbria.

Which Firms Sell Bio-Packaging?

In the following, Bio-Market.Info would like to give its readers an overview of the different suppliers of plastic bags and tear-off bags made form compostable materials.

AMAB - a New Homepage is Online

As reported in Bioagricultura Notizie, AMAB has released its new homepage.

Piemonte: Torino hosts the “Food Market Festival”

As AIAB reports, Torino is host for the second edition of “Food Market Festival” from April 21st to 23rd 2006.

Purchasing Associations - a Model that has been working well in Italy for a long time

There are about 200 purchasing associations in Italy for the communal purchasing of goods.

Dagoba Chocolate launches recall

About 40,000 pounds of sweets and chocolate products manufactured by Dagoba Organic Chocolate, have been recalled, because they may contain high levels of lead.

Important Producers and Sellers of Organic Food in France

Organic processing in France is a new industry. Two-thirds of companies have been certified organic only since 1998.

Wal-Mart strategy should improve organic outlook

The multiple Wal-Mart Inc. announced end of March 2006 that it will carry more than 400 organic products by this summer in select stores.

Alce Nero in Umbria (Italy) will open its doors to the public

New Products Introduced at BioFach

Whether anti-ageing cream, fine wine vinegars or health-promoting ‘Acerola Taler’ in bio quality, this year’s BioFach was once again the opportunity to present new products.

Region of Lazio: “Bio-Aziende Agricole di Roma“

Rome is the largest agricultural town in Europe.

New draft of the amendment to the EU Organic Regulation to follow shortly

In April there is to be a new basis for discussion of the EU Organic Regulation.


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