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Reach your customers worldwide

Use our advertising options to promote your products or company reaching more than 10.000 readers coming from 195 countries monthly.

Target group: Stakeholders from the organic sector (producers, traders, consultants, processors, farmers, etc.)

Page views: ca. 34.000

Newsletter: Once or twice a week to 8.000 subscribers

Information about our banner places and prices can be found in the following overview and price list. You are also welcome to contact us directly:

Phone: +49 6021-4489-208

Advertising Rates Website

Banner typeSizeOccupancyThree areas available:
• Welcome page
• News
• Reports
Leaderboard728*90 pxup to 3-foldper area300 €
Leaderboard728*90 pxup to 3-foldall areas750 €
Skyscraper top160*600 pxup to 3-foldper area300 €
Skyscraper top160*600 pxup to 3-foldall areas750 €
Skyscraper bottom160*600 pxup to 3-foldper area200 €
Skyscraper bottom160*600 pxup to 3-foldall areas500 €
Large Rectangle336*280 pxup to 3-foldper area150 €


Advertising Rates Newsletter

Banner typeSizeOccupancyRunning PeriodPrice/month
Leaderboard728*90 pxexclusive2 weeks100 €
  exclusive4 weeks175 €
  exclusive6 weeks225 €
Skyscraper right160*600 pxexclusive2 weeks175 €
  exclusive4 weeks325 €
  exclusive6 weeks450 €
Skyscraper left160*600 pxexclusive2 weeks175 €
  exclusive4 weeks325 €
  exclusive6 weeks450 €