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Consumer Behaviour

Ageing population & food safety driving organic sales in Asia

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

19.09.2017 Editor

The Asian organic market will witness 10% annual growth till 2020, largely owing to an increasing ageing population with greater life expectancy than before, as well as, widespread food safety concerns due to a slew of food scandals that have come to light in recent years.

This article was first published in the magazine Pure&Eco India and can be published in due to a fruitful cooperation of our magazines. 

Record organic sales in Italy

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

12.07.2017 Editor

The AssoBio organic association recently presented Nielsen data on the trend of organic food sales in Italian supermarkets.

Italy: posts new record in organic sales

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour



Nielsen data presented by the Italian Association for Organic Trade AssoBio show a very positive trend in the sale of organic food in Italian supermarkets. From January to April this year, total sales (food, drinks, pet food) increased by 3.7%, up from 0.5% in 2016. The share of organic food in the total food sales increased from 2% in 2013 to 3.4%. Italian consumer purchases in supermarkets have more than tripled since 2009. Also traditional specialized organic shops are growing. 83% of Italian households bought organic products in 2016.


Organic Milk Market Report 2017

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

16.06.2017 Editor

The 2017 edition of the OMSCo Organic Milk Market Report highlights strong growth worldwide for organic dairy, driven by a common consumer focus on health and wellness.

USA: organic frontrunners in east and west

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

09.06.2017 Editor

The  east and west coasts in the United States have always been the country's organic strongholds. Especially in California, customers buy organic food more frequently than their counterparts in other federal states.

Italy: rising turnover of organic fruit and vegetables

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

09.06.2017 Editor

In 2016, per capita consumption of fruit and vegetables in Italy was 152 kg. Around 9 million tonnes were sold, with consumers opting increasingly for organic fruit and vegetables.

Denmark: Consumers buy more organic food

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

13.05.2017 Redaktion

The Copenhagen Post reports: Sales of organic food in Denmark have increased during 2016.

Euromonitor released data of organic and free from market

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

09.03.2017 Editor

According to a new research, foods and beverages offering health benefits, such as free-from and organic , drove sales in 2016 with around 7%.

Germany: The Good Food sells waste food only

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

28.02.2017 Editor

"The Good Food" offers waste food in two shops and on the market in Cologne. These are the first shops in Germany that sell only products that would otherwise have been destroyed as waste.

UK: organic market tops £2 billion

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

23.02.2017 Editor

The 2017 Organic Market Report was launched by the Soil Association on Monday, 21st of February. The report reveals that the UK organic market is now in its fifth year of growth and worth £2.09 billion. Total sales of organic increased by 7.1%. 

Germany: nearly 10% growth in organic turnover

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

13.02.2017 Editor

The turnover of organic food grew strongly in Germany in 2016. This was reported by the Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BÖLW) and the Arbeitskreis Biomarkt  prior to the launch of BioFach.

Global organic personal care market to reach $25.7 billion

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

10.02.2017 Editor

The Dublin based Research and Markets has announced in their “Global Organic Personal Care Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2025” report that the global growth in the sector continues.

Demo „We've had enough of agro-industry“ – 9 demands for a change

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour


Election year and Green Week: time to talk about the future of agriculture and to demonstrate for a change of direction in agriculture. The seventh “We've had enough” demo in Berlin was an opportunity to do just that – 18,000 people went onto the streets. The motley crowd marched through the government district in Berlin, but the events before and after the demo too were also a platform for targeting the demands of the organic industry, animal welfare organisations, environmentalists and critics of capitalism etc. at politicians (Video).

OCA announced #ConsumerRevolution and #PoliticalRevolution platforms

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

23.01.2017 Editor

With the start of the new political era in America the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) announced to fight against the expected bad conditions for organic farming, GMO labeling and consumers right to know what is in their food.


Canada: majority of consumers still opposed to GM food

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

20.01.2017 Editor

GM foods have been on the Canadian market since many years and although government has repeatedly assured consumers of their safety, consumers remain wary.

Organic Monitor: predictions for sustainable foods in 2017

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

12.01.2017 Editor

The London based market researcher Organic Monitor is giving its predictions how the sustainable foods sector will develop in 2017 by categories like organic food, eco-labels, sustainable sourcing, traceability etc.

Bio Company: Put a stop to one-way cups

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

15.12.2016 Editor

Disposable coffee cups are creating mountains of waste across the whole of Germany. Some companies in Berlin intend to tackle the problem. 

China: e-commerce and cross-border model are on the rise

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

22.11.2016 Editor

With rising demand for foreign products and a fast growing e-commerce sector new platforms for cross-border consumption are growing dynamically. The government is pushing the trend.

Demand for organic milk in Germany keeps on rising

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

09.11.2016 Editor

Germans love to drink milk and they do this at an average of 54 liters per year. German consumers are also more willing to spend more money on their milk, with the assumption that quality and price go together.

Hard Discounters forced into sustainable food products

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

25.10.2016 Editor

Hard discounters like Lidl or Aldi are known for offering cheap products that have been exposed to chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Nonetheless, with the global increase of organic food consumption, these giants also seemed to be forced to switch more and more to sustainable products.

Denmark - the world leading organic nation

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The Danish organic market has grown by 17,8 % in the first six month of 2016 and the organic share is 9,9% of the total food sales in the Danish retail sector. That makes Denmark to the most well-developed organic market worldwide, says a report. Organic products worth almost DKK 1.7 billion (€ 228 Mio.) were sold to professional kitchens in Denmark in 2015, according to the latest statement from Statistics Denmark. This corresponds to an increase of 27% relative to 2014. More than a trebling within five years. And the positive development continues: Organic Denmark expects that the organic sale to food service will increase by 25 percent in 2016.

France catching up with organic leaders

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07.10.2016 Editor

According to the organic agency Agence Bio, the first half of this year has proved to be very fruitful. Organic food sales increased by 20%.

Organic Food Consumption in India

Consumer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour

06.10.2016 Editor

As the organic food market is growing all over the world, the Indian market is expected to hit the $1.36 billion mark by 2020.

Organic marketing in China: Green & Safe in Shanghai

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The rapidly growing middle class in the mega-cities of China is increasingly health-conscious and can also afford to buy organic food. In Shanghai, the cool thing to do is, for example, to shop at Green & Safe or to eat out there. The store with its big restaurant reminds you in its concept and offer of the US-American Whole Foods Markets, and you find organic brands from the west on the shelves. Western food is in great demand in China. Shanghai has a number of organic delivery services as well.

Rutter’s Diary Launches Organic Milk Line

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12.09.2016 Redaktion

Organic milk sales are on the rise in the US. Rutter’s Diary seems to have noticed this development and is now beginning to sell an own line of organic milk.

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