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Demand for organic meat on the rise in the UK

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

18.08.2016 Redaktion

The Soil Association, attributes the sudden rise in meat- sales to a scientific study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in February.

Organic-food competition hurts sales

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

12.08.2016 Editor

Whole Foods dominated the American market for organic food for a long time. Now, companies like Kroger  and Wal-Mart have increased their range of organic products drastically.

Germany’s large increase on organic growers

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

12.08.2016 Redaktion

Organic agriculture grew stably in Germany once again in 2015.

Project to make true cost of food visible to UK consumers

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

01.07.2016 Editor

A pioneering project launched by retailer Whole Foods Market together with organic fresh produce firm Nature & More is aiming to make the true costs of fruits and vegetables visible to UK consumers on the shop floor for the first time, according to Fresh Plaza.

Swiss consumers buy fair trade products for half a billion USD

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

21.06.2016 Editor

In 2015 the Swiss bought 520 million CHF (522 million USD) of fair trade products with the Max Havelaar label last year.

German organic food market to cross 15 billion Euro by 2021

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

15.06.2016 Editor

According to a research report by TechSci, "Germany Organic Food Market By Type, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011- 2021". Germany's average annual household net-adjusted disposable income per capita was $ 31,925 in 2015.

In the Jungle of Labels

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

08.06.2016 Editor

The British market researcher Organic Monitor finds that over 10% of natural personal care products are now certified according to standards, corresponding to a market value of over USD 700 million.

Vegan on the rise in France

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

25.05.2016 Editor

The Vegetarian Association of France (AVF) is a non-profit association, strictly secular and non-political, whose aims are to promote the vegetarian diet in France.

Despite record growth, there’s still too little organic food

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

22.04.2016 Editor

According to new data released this week by the Department of Agriculture, the number of certified organic farms and operations in the United States surged by almost 12 percent from 2014 to 2015.

Europe: Organic Food Market should generate 39 Billion USD by 2020

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

13.04.2016 Editor

Organic food and beverages market in Europe set to reach USD 39.04 billion by 2020, posting a CAGR of close to 7%, according to the latest market study released by Technavio.

Organic cosmetics to grow globally

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

08.04.2016 Redaktion

The global market for organic cosmetics is growing, according to the Global Organic Cosmetics Market Forecast & Opportun­ities, 2021: TechSci Research Report.

Fighting against food waste

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

06.04.2016 Editor

It’s a wonder the human race managed to survive before the advent of a date sticker telling us when we should be eating certain foods by, but survive we did.

Consumer pressure led Waitrose supermarket to stops selling RoundUp herbicide

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

05.04.2016 Editor

A Care2 petition, which was signed by over 90 000 people, has led to Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide being removed from Waitrose stores across the UK.

France: retail is focusing on organic

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

01.04.2016 Editor

French organic retailer committed to supporting organic farming and responsible consumption Biocoop has ended 2015 with a 17% increase in turnover, to 768 million Euros and 383 stores, according to Retail Analysis.

Largest U.S. Organic Farming Event Sets Attendance Record

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

08.03.2016 Redaktion

More than 3,600 people attended the 27th MOSES Organic Farming Conference on the last February week in La Crosse, WI.

UK: catering the most active sector of the organic market

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

02.03.2016 Editor

The organic catering sector has increased by 15.2 per cent over the past year, according to the Soil Association’s 2016 Organic Market report.

Certified organic health and beauty sales up 21%

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

26.02.2016 Editor

The Soil Association’s 2016 Organic Market Report launched onTuesday, 23 February, reveals sales of certified organic health and beauty products increased by 21.6% in 2015 to £54.2 million.

Consumer ask for transparency

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

25.02.2016 Editor

Food stickers may say “Mexico” or “Colombia,” but those are big places, and labels like this don’t give much insight, says The Tech Crunch.

European food market is transitioning

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

15.02.2016 Editor

The Fundación ExportAr (Argentina) has published a report on Europe's fruit and vegetable sector that covers trends, demand, competition, requirements and distribution channels

Carrefour’s 2015 organic sales have a 3% growth

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

29.01.2016 Editor

Last full-year sales Carrefour generated 86.3 billion Euros and +3.0% on an organic basis.

Organic Cocoa Market prevision 2015-2025

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

27.01.2016 Editor

The certified organic cocoa market represents a very small share of the total cocoa market, estimated around 0.5% of total production.

We’ve had enough: powerful signal in favour of organic agriculture

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

26.01.2016 Karin Heinze

The big demo against the agriculture industry that took place during the International Green Week in Berlin has become a regular event. For the sixth time, over 100 organisations called for a demonstration. Around 23,000 people responded with a march on Saturday 16 January 2016. 

The value of overall ethical sales grew up to £38 billion in the UK

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

19.01.2016 Editor

The value of overall ethical sales grew by 8 per cent up to £38 billion, during a period when inflation barely rose above 0.5 per cent, according to the new Ethical Consumer markets report.

Continuing growth of the natural and organic cosmetics market in Germany

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

19.01.2016 Karin Heinze

At the end of 2015, the role of natural and organic cosmetics as the driver of growth for the German cosmetics market was confirmed. According to the IKW the industry association for personal care products and detergents -  the turnover of cosmetics and toiletries in the German retail trade in 2015 came to about €13.4bn, an increase of 2.4 %.


Improvements in the organic food world for 2015

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour

12.01.2016 Editor

2015 was a big year for the U.S. organic sector, explains Natural Products Insider.

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