E-commerce and natural cosmetics: challenge and opportunity

Europe, Switzerland

20.03.2018 Karin Heinze

Ramon Stroink is Managing Director of the natural and organic cosmetics division at Weleda for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He is also on the advisory board of Vivaness and the German industry association for cosmetics, detergents and cleaners IKW. We talked to him about the development of the natural and organic cosmetics market in the German-speaking area and the growing challenge of digitization and its opportunities.

Swiss quality strategy association: Invitation to a conference on new breeding methods in Bern

Europe, Switzerland

23.08.2017 Editor

The “Verein zur Förderung der Qualitätsstrategie der Schweizer Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft“ (Association to support the quality strategy of Swiss agriculture and food economics) invites interested parties to its autumn conference about new methods of plant breeding taking place on the 8th of September 2017 in Bern.

Switzerland: Demeter without killing chicks

Europe, Switzerland

26.07.2017 Editor

At the annual general meeting of the Swiss Association for Bio-dynamic Agriculture the decision was taken to incorporate the  «Hahn im Glück» - happy chicken - project guidelines into the Demeter agriculture guidelines.

Switzerland: Bio Marché – a magnet for the public

Europe, Switzerland

03.07.2017 Editor

The Swiss Bio Marché again proved to be a powerful attraction. Around 200 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors turned the little town of Zofingen into the Swiss organic capital for the eighteenth time.

Switzerland: record year for organics

Europe, Switzerland

14.06.2017 Editor

In 2016 the 7.8 % growth of the Swiss organic market was three percentage points higher than growth in 2015. For 2017, a record number of conversions to organic are reported by the Swiss organic association Bio Suisse. 

Switzerland: fair trade on the up

Europe, Switzerland

01.06.2017 Editor

In 2016, the Swiss consumers bought fair trade products worth 628 million francs. At 75 Francs, the per capita spend was the highest so far.

Switzerland: Coop and its Karma veggie brand

Europe, Switzerland

01.06.2017 Editor

The Swiss company Coop has launched the Karma range for vegetarians and flexitarians. Of the roughly 120 products, over 90 are also suitable for vegans and 20 are certified organic by Bio Suisse.

Switzerland and China: collaboration agreement signed

Europe, Switzerland

27.05.2017 Editor

Recently, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (IGDB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences established the new Sino-Swiss Organic Agriculture Research Center (SSOARC) in China. With this new institute, FiBL and IGDB will provide a wide range of services in the field of knowledge transfer and research.

Switzerland: organic brands highly rated by young people

Europe, Switzerland

23.03.2017 Editor

Even though Zalando, WhatsApp and Netflix are in the lead, organic brands (Migros Bio and Bio Suisse) feature for the first time among the TOP 10 favourite brands of the Swiss between 15 and 25 years old.

Switzerland: organically produced foods on the rise

Europe, Switzerland

27.02.2017 Editor

With a per capita expenditure of about 260 euros, Switzerland is the worldwide leader. With sales of 2.1 billion euros, the organic market volume also grew by 5% in 2015.

Swiss scientist: “We need to reduce the need for antibiotics“

Europe, Switzerland

16.01.2017 Editor

“We need to reduce the need for antibiotics in order to reduce their use”, that was one of the statements of Thomas Van Boeckel, author of frequently cited research on antimicrobial consumption in food animals.

FiBL Switzerland: 20 years of organic research

Europe, Switzerland

13.01.2017 Editor

Twenty years ago, sixty scientists and consultants belonging to the Research Institute of Organic Farming (FiBL) moved into the former School of Agriculture in Frick. Today FiBL and the control company bio.inspecta AG employ 300 people and there is to be further expansion of the facilities in Frick.

Pural: “active for 20 years in the wholefood industry“

Europe, Switzerland

22.11.2016 Karin Heinze

In the 20 years since   it was founded, Pural Vertriebs GmbH is one of the few wholesalers that has developed into a powerful sales partner for the wholefood trade nationwide. The ongoing extension of the product range with exclusive brands and innovative labels, the takeover of regional distribution companies and the resulting expansion and, not least, the arm of the business dealing with the health food and orgnic trade, including abroad, contributed to the dynamic development of the Pural group of companies. Another contributing factor is that second-generation family members with great commitment have entered the business. Ulrike and Heinz Claus explain the development of their company and  their view of  loyalty to the specialist trade. (Video interview with Ulrike Claus)

The Syngenta Blackbook

Europe, Switzerland

18.11.2016 Editor

Syngenta is besides Monsanto an example of big chemical companies that pollute environment and try to control the food supply. The Swiss corporation is the largest pesticide producer in the world.

Swiss GMO program in India in spite of their own ban

Europe, Switzerland

07.11.2016 Editor

India is heavily relying on its agriculture and when the harvest is not good the consequences can be catastrophic for their farmers. The garbanzo bean is one of the most popular crops of produce, particularly in northern India.

Switzerland: Migros offers reusable veggie bags

Europe, Switzerland

27.09.2016 Editor

Called “Veggie-Bags“, the Swiss corporation Migros is now selling reusable bags for fruit and vegetables.

Swiss organic manufacturer: Soyana has expanded

Europe, Switzerland

16.09.2016 Editor

The Swiss organic manufacturer Soyana has moved into a new production facility in Schlieren near Zurich.

FiBL intensifies cooperation with China

Europe, Switzerland

18.07.2016 Editor

End of June the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Switzerland visited the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL in Frick and expressed the interest in a collaboration.

Swiss consumers buy fair trade products for half a billion USD

Europe, Switzerland

21.06.2016 Editor

In 2015 the Swiss bought 520 million CHF (522 million USD) of fair trade products with the Max Havelaar label last year.

China: consequences of the Syngenta acquisition

Europe, Switzerland

17.05.2016 Editor

With the aquisition of Swiss GMO company Syngenta China puts genetically modified food on menu. But a majority of Chinese consumers don´t want it.

Exclusive organic distribution agreement for the U.S. Market

Europe, Switzerland

11.05.2016 Editor

Organto Foods Inc. has joined forces with Fairtrasa, a Swiss based, leading producer of organic, fair trade products from small-scale farmers in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

GAIA expands organic supermarket chain in Switzerland

Europe, Switzerland

10.11.2015 Kai Kreuzer

The first organic supermarket with the Greek name GAIA (Mother Earth) begins the roll-out across the whole of Switzerland. The flagship store is located in a busy street three kilometres north-west of downtown Zurich.

Organics increasing in Switzerland

Europe, Switzerland


5,979 producers were working according to the guidelines of Bio Suisse in 2014 – a plus of 95 on 2013.

Organic growth continues on the global level

Europe, Switzerland

24.02.2015 Karin Heinze

The latest global data on organic farming has been presented by IFOAM – Organics International and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at the BioFach fair 2015 in Nuremberg. The global organic market increased to 72 billion US Dollars, organic agricultural land worldwide is 43 million hectares.

Organic market in Switzerland – remarkable growth in recent years

Europe, Switzerland

15.05.2014 Redaktion
Bio Suisse has published key data on organics
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