Tyrol/Austria: Growth of a brand

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20.05.2017 Redaktion

The local daily paper, the Tyroler Tageszeitung, reported recently that in 2016 the organic brand Bio vom Berg (Organic from the Mountains) generated sales worth 8.7 million euros, a sharp rise compared with the previous year.

Ecovia Summit: The True Value of Sustainable Foods

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19.05.2017 Editor

Market prices do not reflect the environmental, social and health impacts of food products. At the Sustainable Foods Summit in Amsterdam it will be shown how sustainable products have lower such impacts over conventional products.

EU: Sign the Petition to ban Glyphosate

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18.05.2017 Editor

IFOAM – Organics International (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), the umbrella organisation of the organic world, has just launched a petition to ban glyphosate in the EU once and for all. Glyphosate has been shown to be harmful to humans and the environment. Despite massive protests glyphosate was relicensed for use in the EU for a limited period.

Belgium: glyphosate herbicide ban

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08.05.2017 Editor

The safety of glyphosate is an ongoing issue, with the EU Commission still refusing to put in place legally binding restrictions on glyphosate herbicides. In the light of probable re-authorisation at EU level, member states are taking matters in to their own hands.

EU: CETA and cloned cattle

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06.05.2017 Editor

A research commissioned by the Greens/EFA Group in the EU Parliament and carried out by Testbiotech  revealed it is likely that cloned cattle stemming from cloned bulls have entered the EU.

Europe: Eaten plenty of pesticides today?

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04.05.2017 Editor

According to the 2015 pesticide residues report by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published in early April, 43.9% of all European food tested positive for residues.

EU: hardly any pesticide contamination in organic products

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28.04.2017 Editor

In the EU significantly fewer pesticide residues are found in organic food than in conventional products.

Natural & Organic Products Europe: More visitors than ever before

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18.04.2017 Editor

Over 700 exhibitors, 70 speakers and 10,571 attendees from 92 countries: this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe attracted more people than ever before (a rise of 13% since 2015) and got rave reviews and huge endorsement by exhibitors and visitors alike.

EU: Member states still reject GM agriculture

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06.04.2017 Editor

At the end of March IFOAM EU published a press statement explaining the rejection by the EU member states of GMO for the second time this year.

EU: renouncing palm oil?

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17.03.2017 Redaktion

Sustainable production and export criteria for palm oil and gradually  abandoning the promotion of biofuel are intended to create better protection of the rainforest and the threatened species that live therein.

IFOAM EU: European Voluntary Service project

Europe, Europe

13.03.2017 Editor

IFOAM EU is looking for motivated people (age 18-30) from Austria, Bulgaria*, Germany, Poland and Spain to spend one year in our office in Brussels as part of a European Voluntary Service (EVS) project.

Birkenstock: newcomer to natural cosmetics

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10.03.2017 Editor

Birkenstock, the traditional company we associate with healthcare footwear, has ventured into new territory – the manufacture of natural cosmetics – and it presented the Birkenstock Natural Care range at Vivaness.

Euromonitor released data of organic and free from market

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09.03.2017 Editor

According to a new research, foods and beverages offering health benefits, such as free-from and organic , drove sales in 2016 with around 7%.

Weleda: stable sales in 2016

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09.03.2017 Editor

For last year Weleda AG has reported consolidated provisional; turnover of 389.6 million euros. This stable year-end result is down to its sales of natural cosmetics.

EU-Chile: organic trade agreement to be signed

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08.03.2017 Editor

On 6 March 2017, the European Council adopted a decision on the signing of an agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Chile on trade in organic products. 

EU organic law: trialogue continues under the leadership of Malta

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08.03.2017 Editor

After a three-month break, the negotiations on the revision of the EU Eco-Regulation under the Maltese Presidency of the Council continue today. The German Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, has also contributed to this with his vote but opposite to the decision of the federal states and other European Member States.

Vivaness review: markets, brands and a lot of innovations

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07.03.2017 Karin Heinze

Vivaness, that was held parallel to BioFach in Nuremberg, is increasingly the international location for the natural cosmetics scene.The markets for natural cosmetics are developing dynamically, both in Germany and worldwide. At the trade fair you could see interesting concepts, new brands and start-ups. The German market was not able to maintain the speed with which it had been growing, but the percentage growth in sales is still significantly higher than that of the total cosmetics market.

EU CAP: organisations call for a radical reform

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07.03.2017 Editor

Over 150 European civil society organisations from 25 EU countries have called on EU leaders to carry out a radical reform of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and related policies.

Approving eco plant protection products to become simpler

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06.03.2017 Editor

The EU Parliament intends to speed up the authorisation procedures for bio pesticides. The portal reports that the members of parliament are calling on the EU Commission to make the corresponding changes to the law.

EU Agricultural policy: citizens can submit proposals

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02.03.2017 Editor

EU Commissioner for agriculture, Phil Hogan, has launched a survey to find out the opinions of citizens on the future of EU agricultural policy after 2020.

EU: ban for British GM crops?

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27.02.2017 Editor

As a leaked report by the European Parliament shows, there are plans to ban British products if they are contaminated with genetically modified organism.  

France: organic farmland and market are growing fast

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21.02.2017 Editor

At BioFach the Pavillon France “Made in France with Love” was once again the biggest foreign country participation with 104 companies in over 1200 sqm of exhibition space. Recent market data show a dynamic development.

Europe: number of farmers converting to organic is growing significantly

Europe, Europe

18.02.2017 Editor

The numbers of organic processors and importers in Europe show a double-digit growth in 2015. That was announced at the Biofach in Nuremberg.


Organic farming in Bulgaria

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17.02.2017 Editor

Organic farming in Bulgaria has excellent production subsidies together with a favorable governmental policy and is driven by export demand in the EU market.

European organic market grows by double digits in 2015

Europe, Europe

17.02.2017 Karin Heinze

For organic farming worldwide, 2015 could go down in its history as a record-breaking year. Also the organic markets in Europe showed a very good performance. Almost all the major markets enjoyed double-digit growth rates. The European organic market increased by 13% and nearly reached 30 billion euros, the memberstates of the European Union reached 27.1 billion Euros. At BioFach the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL and the Agricultural Market Information Company AMI presented the 2015 data of the European organic sector.

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