Lithuania: big investment in organic agriculture

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

09.11.2016 Editor

Lithuania has a great organic agricultural potential. Its public opinion is also disposed to develop this, for the country, new type of agriculture. Lithuanians agree with to 74% to support an environment conscious agriculture, along with banning the use of any chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

Koppert partners with Lantmännen BioAgri

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

28.10.2016 Editor

Koppert and Lantmännen BioAgri have agreed on the acquisition of the assets of BioAgri’s microbial products, registrations and IP by Koppert. Koppert will expand its seed treatment capabilities.

Ekoagros, an organic agriculture certification body in Lithuania

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

04.01.2016 Editor

Ekoagros, an organic agriculture certification body in Lithuania, completed certification process of all owned and leased farmland areas,

IFOAM EU Congress: Visions for 2030

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

16.06.2015 Karin Heinze

The European organic movement has launched its vision for organic in Europe in 2030 at the 9th European Organic Congress on 11-12 June, organised by IFOAM EU together with the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture and the Latvian Association of Organic Agriculture.

IFOAM Congress: EU Policies should support the Organic sector

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

12.06.2015 Karin Heinze

At this politically important moment for the organic regulation reform – between an informal AGRIFISH Council during which there was still much disagreement over key issues last week and the upcoming formal meeting of 16 June at which an agreement on the organic regulation review is expected in the Council – more than 150 people from 23 countries joined the Latvian Minister of Agriculture, Green MEP Martin Häusling, other policy makers and leading organic experts to discuss the future of the organic sector. The occasion is the 9th European Organic Congress organised by the Latvian Presidency, the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture, IFOAM EU and ALOA.

Tutorial on the use of the OrMaCode

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

27.02.2015 Karin Heinze

The project Data Network for Better European Organic Market Information - OrganicDataNetwork - aims to increase the transparency of the European organic food market.

Organic growth continues on the global level

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

24.02.2015 Karin Heinze

The latest global data on organic farming has been presented by IFOAM – Organics International and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at the BioFach fair 2015 in Nuremberg. The global organic market increased to 72 billion US Dollars, organic agricultural land worldwide is 43 million hectares.

The organic year 2014: markets, trade fairs, politics and trends

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

22.12.2014 Redaktion

Have a look with us at the most important events and organic issues of 2014 in the German and international organic industry.

Latvia’s organic sector is growing – still plenty of potential for organics

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

17.11.2014 Redaktion
The number of organic farms in Latvia has tripled to around 3,470.

Interesting marketing models in Estonia

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

29.05.2014 Redaktion
Organic-Market.Info presents two successful Estonian models that could well point the way forward for other countries.

The responsibility of the cities

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

06.03.2014 Redaktion
BÖLW has mounted an event focusing on the issue of town – country.

Vilnius: specialist organic shops developing well

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

17.01.2014 Redaktion
Half a dozen specialist wholefood shops have opened in the capital of Lithuania.

Estonia: Biomarket stores – successful with German brands

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

04.11.2013 Redaktion
Biomarket is one of the leading organic wholesalers and retailers in Estonia

Estonia makes good progress in the organic sector

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

08.10.2013 Redaktion
The most northerly Baltic state has gone through a remarkable development in the last 20 years

Mádara: Nordic active agents as success factor

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

04.10.2013 Redaktion
The natural cosmetics of Mádara are exported to 25 countries.

Natural Cosmetics forging ahead in Eastern Europe

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

15.03.2012 Redaktion
The natural cosmetics market worldwide has grown dynamically in recent years

Organic farming and marketing in Latvia

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

19.01.2009 Redaktion
Latvia enjoys environmental conditions of high quality

The organic market in Estonia

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

06.02.2007 Redaktion

In 1993, Estonia had only 1600 hectares of organically cultivated land, but by 2005 the figure had risen.


The Organic Market in Lithuania

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

05.09.2006 Redaktion
Agriculture has always played an important role in Lithuania.

The Organic Market in Latvia is on the Move

Europe, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

29.08.2006 Redaktion
During the political changes organic agriculture began to establish itself in Latvia.

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