GM crops in the UK: dissension among the royals

Europe, Great Britain

20.04.2017 Editor

There is much disagreement in Britain about the benefits and disadvantages of genetic engineering in agriculture.

UK: Natural and Organic Products Europe 2017

Europe, Great Britain

05.04.2017 Editor

The organic sector in the UK is thriving. That's just one of the findings in the Soil Association's latest Organic Report that tells us that the organic sector, with an increase in sales of 7.1% in 2016, is now worth more than 2 billion pounds annually.

Minimalism is it

Europe, Great Britain

28.03.2017 Editor

Package overkill? No thanks! Zero waste? Yes, please! This, in short, is the major goal for a new kind of corner shop offering refill of dry or liquid bulk products. The founders are mostly women, often without a retail background but all of them with a strong aversion to packaging piling up and turning into waste soon after shopping.

£31 million windfall for one in four British dairy farmers

Europe, Great Britain

27.03.2017 Editor

Arla Foods is a dairy cooperative owned by 12,000 farmers in Europe, 2,500 of whom operate in the UK.

EU: ban for British GM crops?

Europe, Great Britain

27.02.2017 Editor

As a leaked report by the European Parliament shows, there are plans to ban British products if they are contaminated with genetically modified organism.  

UK: organic market tops £2 billion

Europe, Great Britain

23.02.2017 Editor

The 2017 Organic Market Report was launched by the Soil Association on Monday, 21st of February. The report reveals that the UK organic market is now in its fifth year of growth and worth £2.09 billion. Total sales of organic increased by 7.1%. 

UK GM wheat trial gets go-ahead

Europe, Great Britain

03.02.2017 Editor

The UK government gave the final go-ahead for a new experimental crop of genetically modified (GM) wheat. The planting will take place this spring.

Scotland's organic market is growing continuously

Europe, Great Britain

01.02.2017 Editor

According to the Organic Market Report 2016 of the British Soil Association, Scotland experienced stable market growth last year, and it was a major contributor to overall growth in Britain.

UK: Natural & Organic Products Europe - over 50 speakers

Europe, Great Britain

25.01.2017 Editor

The conference of Natural & Organic Products Expo will update visitors with the latest research and advice in the Natural Products Talks Theatre, Natural Beauty Theatre and Natural Food Kitchen. 

UK: Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017

Europe, Great Britain

18.01.2017 Editor

Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017 will be returning to London ExCeL, on 2-3 April, with its biggest ever edition (15% show floor expansion) and 700 exhibitors.

UK: 10 million Euro EU funding for the organic sector

Europe, Great Britain

17.01.2017 Editor

Under the headline „UK Organic Sector backed by EU Funding“ the British Organic Trade Board (OTB) informed, that the OTB, in partnership with Organic Denmark, have been successful in a joint funding application to the EU to promote the organic food and drink sector.

Scottish farmers want organic standards to remain after Brexit

Europe, Great Britain

04.01.2017 Editor

Over 380 members (90%) of the Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA) want no change in the regulation of organic foods. That is the result of a survey from December 2016.

Soil Association round table: food in the workplace

Europe, Great Britain

13.12.2016 Editor

A round table organised by the Soil Association discussed the role of food provision in strategies for wellbeing and sustainability with heads of corporate social responsibility and caterers from leading businesses.

Post-Brexit: the future of GMOs

Europe, Great Britain

01.11.2016 Editor

Bristish Farming Minister George Eustace has confirmed he is discussing new rules for GM crops after Brexit, and while some believe this will free the UK to move towards a more open approach to GM, others aren’t so certain.

UK organic market back to growth

Europe, Great Britain

27.10.2016 Editor

The report of Soil Association, states that with a sales growth of 4.9 percent, the sales of organic products in the UK are already at 1.95 billion pounds. 2016 should be the year in which organic food products break the 2 billion pound mark.

The battle between cheap food and organic farmers

Europe, Great Britain

25.10.2016 Editor

According to a recent poll by YouGov for 71 percent of British consumers, buying their food local is important.

UK Permaculture Convergence 2016

Europe, Great Britain

24.08.2016 Redaktion

The next British Permaculture Convergence will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of September 2016.

Will UK comply with Demand for Organic Food?

Europe, Great Britain

24.08.2016 Redaktion

The UK is the world’s fourth-biggest organic market after the US. While sales of non-organic food and drinks fell by 1 percent last year the organic market grew at 4.9 percent.

Demand for organic meat on the rise in the UK

Europe, Great Britain

18.08.2016 Redaktion

The Soil Association, attributes the sudden rise in meat- sales to a scientific study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in February.

UK: Chocolate, a leading fair trade product

Europe, Great Britain

25.07.2016 Editor

Chocolate is seen as one of the fair trade movement’s biggest success stories. In recent years, three of the world’s biggest chocolate producers have made at least one of their iconic brands with fairtrade chocolate.

Brexit – What's next?

Europe, Great Britain

12.07.2016 Editor

The British voted by a  small majority to exit the European Union. That has consequences for the wider economy and for the EU. The wholefood industry has so far shown itself to be not particularly worried. Can that be right? After the British decision to leave the EU companies in other industries set up crisis management teams or at least working groups to assess the impact, but in the  wholefood sector most firms are operating the principle of 'business as usual'. In fact, there are many questions to be addressed, and they affect the organic sector too.

Project to make true cost of food visible to UK consumers

Europe, Great Britain

01.07.2016 Editor

A pioneering project launched by retailer Whole Foods Market together with organic fresh produce firm Nature & More is aiming to make the true costs of fruits and vegetables visible to UK consumers on the shop floor for the first time, according to Fresh Plaza.

Brexit: IFOAM EU emphasises organic European union

Europe, Great Britain

30.06.2016 Editor

Brexit is reality since last week. asked IFOAM EU for a statement.

Continental Clothing launches organic cotton range

Europe, Great Britain

29.06.2016 Editor

Continental Clothing Company, a leading UK-based wholesale t-shirt manufacturer, is to launch a new range of Fairtrade organic cotton t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts under its new label Fair Share, explains Eco Textile.

Soil Association: EU referendum statement

Europe, Great Britain

28.06.2016 Editor

The British  organisation for the organic sector Soil Association published a statement related to the „Brexit“: „We are very disappointed that the UK will be leaving the European Union.

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