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Will UK comply with Demand for Organic Food?

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24.08.2016 Redaktion

The UK is the world’s fourth-biggest organic market after the US. While sales of non-organic food and drinks fell by 1 percent last year the organic market grew at 4.9 percent.

Demand for organic meat on the rise in the UK

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18.08.2016 Redaktion

The Soil Association, attributes the sudden rise in meat- sales to a scientific study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in February.

UK: Chocolate, a leading fair trade product

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25.07.2016 Editor

Chocolate is seen as one of the fair trade movement’s biggest success stories. In recent years, three of the world’s biggest chocolate producers have made at least one of their iconic brands with fairtrade chocolate.

Brexit – What's next?

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12.07.2016 Editor

The British voted by a  small majority to exit the European Union. That has consequences for the wider economy and for the EU. The wholefood industry has so far shown itself to be not particularly worried. Can that be right? After the British decision to leave the EU companies in other industries set up crisis management teams or at least working groups to assess the impact, but in the  wholefood sector most firms are operating the principle of 'business as usual'. In fact, there are many questions to be addressed, and they affect the organic sector too.

Project to make true cost of food visible to UK consumers

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01.07.2016 Editor

A pioneering project launched by retailer Whole Foods Market together with organic fresh produce firm Nature & More is aiming to make the true costs of fruits and vegetables visible to UK consumers on the shop floor for the first time, according to Fresh Plaza.

Brexit: IFOAM EU emphasises organic European union

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30.06.2016 Editor

Brexit is reality since last week. asked IFOAM EU for a statement.

Continental Clothing launches organic cotton range

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29.06.2016 Editor

Continental Clothing Company, a leading UK-based wholesale t-shirt manufacturer, is to launch a new range of Fairtrade organic cotton t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts under its new label Fair Share, explains Eco Textile.

Soil Association: EU referendum statement

Europe Great Britain

28.06.2016 Editor

The British  organisation for the organic sector Soil Association published a statement related to the „Brexit“: „We are very disappointed that the UK will be leaving the European Union.

Bulgarian companies represented at biggest natural products show in Europe

Europe Great Britain

29.04.2016 Editor

On Sunday the 17th of April, the Minister Lukarski visited the Bulgarian stand at Natural and Organic Products Europe 2016.

Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2016

Europe Great Britain

28.04.2016 Editor

The winners of the coveted Natural and Organic Awards Europe 2016 were announced Monday the 18th of April at the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show.

UK’s Organic farmers fear the exit of the EU

Europe Great Britain

25.04.2016 Editor

The leading organic licensing body OF&G said being part of the EU gives organic businesses direct access to the world’s second largest organic market.

Members of the European Parliament want a ban on garden weedkiller

Europe Great Britain

19.04.2016 Editor

The existing license for glyphosate expires in June and the European Commission is set to decide whether to approve its use for another 15 years.

Consumer pressure led Waitrose supermarket to stops selling RoundUp herbicide

Europe Great Britain

05.04.2016 Editor

A Care2 petition, which was signed by over 90 000 people, has led to Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide being removed from Waitrose stores across the UK.

Animal free agriculture rising in the UK

Europe Great Britain

02.04.2016 Editor

The case against eating meat has been gaining traction in recent years, for numerous reasons, explains Missoulian.

UK: Organic market grows to 2,47 bn euros

Europe Great Britain


The Soil Association’s 2016 Organic Market Report launched on 23 February, reveals the organic market continued to experience steady growth of 4.9% in 2015. This is the third year of consecutive growth for the UK organic sector, now worth £1.95 billion (€2,47 bn).

Certified organic health and beauty sales up 21%

Europe Great Britain

26.02.2016 Editor

The Soil Association’s 2016 Organic Market Report launched onTuesday, 23 February, reveals sales of certified organic health and beauty products increased by 21.6% in 2015 to £54.2 million.

British certified organic operators published on

Europe Great Britain

08.02.2016 Editor

The central registry of certified organic operators bioC, is launched under with new content. Soil Association is the third British organic certification body to publish the certification data of British businesses on the online platform.

The value of overall ethical sales grew up to £38 billion in the UK

Europe Great Britain

19.01.2016 Editor

The value of overall ethical sales grew by 8 per cent up to £38 billion, during a period when inflation barely rose above 0.5 per cent, according to the new Ethical Consumer markets report.

Review of the Year 2015: Events, Developments, Trends and Numbers

Europe Great Britain


It’s been a good year for the organic industry: the turnover of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in Germany, on the European and international markets has grown continually. The area of organically farmed land and the number of organic farms have increased slightly in this Year of the Soil. Look back with us over the organic year in our review! 

Bristol: one free organic breakfast at a time

Europe Great Britain


On Wednesday 17 June, Bristol will wake up to a wealth of complimentary breakfasts

The organic retail market in Wales

Europe Great Britain


A new report on the organic retail market in Wales has just been published

UK: Vintage Roots – Green Retailer of the Year

Europe Great Britain


Vintage Roots – the Green Wine People – have been named Green Retailer of the Year at the Drinks Business Green Awards.

UK: Organic. Naturally Different on social media

Europe Great Britain


Social media has played a big part in spreading the key messages on organic in the Organic. Naturally Different Campaign and a committed community of organic advocates has been built up.

Vegfest Scotland to launch this year

Europe Great Britain


Vegfest Scotland is all about going vegan.

UK: Organic produce packers collaborate for further growth

Europe Great Britain


A new forum organised by the Soil Association and hosted by Produce World drew together industry leaders in organic fruit and vegetable packing.


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