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Organic Food Awards in Great Britain

Europe Great Britain

10.08.2011 Redaktion
The Organic Food Awards honour the best organic products in Great Britain.

Great Britain: Organic Market Shrinking More Slowly

Europe Great Britain

21.04.2011 Redaktion
Sales of organic products in Great Britain were worth £1.731 million in 2010

Welsh angle on new advertising campaign “Why I Love Organic”

Europe Great Britain

17.01.2011 Redaktion
The organic industry in the UK has launched a 3-year campaign

Change of concept for Whole Foods in Great Britain

Europe Great Britain

28.05.2010 Redaktion
After years of failure in London, the US American whole food giant is going to change its concept.

Soil Association Market Report 2010

Europe Great Britain

20.04.2010 Redaktion
The current economic climate is said to be the toughest in the past 20 years

Soil Association: Organic Market Report 2009

Europe Great Britain

09.06.2009 Redaktion
Sales of organic food in the UK increased by 1.7 % to over 2.1 billion pounds last year

The Natural Kitchen: location for London gourmets

Europe Great Britain

06.04.2009 Redaktion

The Natural Kitchen opened on 19th May 2007 and was taken over in 2008

UK: Alara named first food company to go zero waste

Europe Great Britain

31.03.2009 Redaktion
Alara - first food company in the UK to go Zero Waste

At last: decision on European natural cosmetics standard

Europe Great Britain

05.11.2008 Redaktion
It took several years of negotiations to reconcile all the interests of the important labellers of natural cosmetics in Europe

Planet Organic expands in London

Europe Great Britain

30.09.2008 Redaktion
Stores opened in Islington and Muswell Hill this summer

Soil Association Organic Food Award

Europe Great Britain

16.09.2008 Redaktion
Soil Association Organic Food Award winners 2008

Biggest organic display garden in Europe

Europe Great Britain

16.05.2008 Redaktion

Garden Organic Ryton near Coventry is unique in the whole of Europe.

Soil Association Organic Awards

Europe Great Britain

25.04.2008 Redaktion
Soil Association Organic Awards – Winners were announced

Britain: Community Foods a major distributor

Europe Great Britain

08.01.2008 Redaktion
Community Foods is the major importer of natural and organic dry products to Britain.

Green Grocers study: Waitrose leads

Europe Great Britain

27.11.2007 Redaktion

The aim of a supermarket survey was to find out if the top eight supermarkets in Great Britain had improved their green practices.

Britain: Organic Sales hit £ 2 billion mark

Europe Great Britain

20.09.2007 Redaktion

Direct sales increased by 53 %

Manchester: Cooperative Runs Successful Supermarket

Europe Great Britain

26.07.2007 Redaktion

The region round Manchester is not exactly regarded as a champion of organics.

Daylesford Organic: selling country life in London

Europe Great Britain

10.07.2007 Redaktion

Nothing but the best and everything hand-crafted.

“As Nature Intended” believes in a high level of organics

Europe Great Britain

26.06.2007 Redaktion

For the first time, one of the London chains is going to open an organic supermarket outside the capital.

Earth Natural Foods supermarket in London

Europe Great Britain

21.06.2007 Redaktion
Three entrepreneurs opened an organic supermarket in north London.

Whole Foods may not be allowed to take over Wild Oats

Europe Great Britain

18.06.2007 Redaktion

Antitrust authorities in the USA opposed the planned takeover by Whole Foods

Biggest Whole Foods Store Opens in London

Europe Great Britain

11.06.2007 Redaktion

On 6th June 2007 more than 200 people came to the new megastore in London


New international Eco Textile Magazine published in Britain

Europe Great Britain

25.04.2007 Redaktion
A new magazine for the textile industry entitled EcoTextileNews has recently appeared on the market.

UK: New Analysis shows great potential

Europe Great Britain

09.10.2006 Redaktion
The popularity of the organic food and drink sector was revealed in a report from the Soil Association.
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