Natrue Membership Assembly 2016

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28.06.2016 Editor

The international association for natural and organic cosmetics Natrue welcomes 14 new members and presented the first Natrue Annual Report at the General Assembly in Berlin.

China: First Organic Science Day & Technology Innovation Forum

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21.06.2016 Editor

Almost 130 participants, speakers from around the world and a regional group of TIPI in China founded: The first Organic Science Day & Technology Innovation Forum in China at BioFach China 2016.

LLOOF project launch in Ireland

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14.06.2016 Editor

Delegates from 14 different European countries attended the launch of LLOOF – Living and Learning on Organic Farms - at Organico in Bantry, West Cork, Ireland, on Monday 23 May.

Sustainable Foods Summit - Latin America

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07.06.2016 Editor

The 2nd Latin American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will focus on sustainable ingredients, food traceability, and tackling food waste, announced the official site of Sustainable Foods Summit.

New horizons for eco-labels and sustainability

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06.06.2016 Editor

Sustainable ingredients, food waste and marketing developments will be featured in the European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit in Amsterdam from the 9th to the 10th of June.

Amarjit Sahota: visionary of worldwide organic development

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31.05.2016 Kai Kreuzer

Fifteen years ago the now 44-year-old Sahota founded a management consultancy in London. Nobody suspected at that time what the little firm called Organic Monitor would one day become. Now this modest Englishman of Indian descent and his exceptionally dedicated team organize a large number of congresses all over the world. Watch the video interview.

IFOAM Organic World Congress: Call for papers

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24.05.2016 Editor

Every three years sector stakeholders come together at the Organic World Congress (OWC), the world’s largest and most significant organic gathering.

Fair week in Germany

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23.05.2016 Editor

The 15th Fair Week will take place from 16 to 30 September 2016. This year, the event will focus around the effects of fair trade.

Conventional food is considerably more expensive than organic food

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17.05.2016 Karin Heinze

For a long time the organic industry has been having a discussion about so-called externalized costs. But far from all consumers are aware of the fact that the low price of food is achieved at a cost because of the chemicals used in agriculture, factory farming and the severe consequences for the environment. Or they put it to the back of their minds. It’s high time to tell people the truth. This is the reason why Volkert Engelsman, head of the Dutch organic company Eosta, has launched the information campaign “The True Cost of Food”. Organic supermarkets have started to promote the campaign. The background and a video interview with Volkert Engelsman.

Bulgarian companies represented at biggest natural products show in Europe

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29.04.2016 Editor

On Sunday the 17th of April, the Minister Lukarski visited the Bulgarian stand at Natural and Organic Products Europe 2016.

Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2016

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28.04.2016 Editor

The winners of the coveted Natural and Organic Awards Europe 2016 were announced Monday the 18th of April at the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show.

SFS Europe: Future direction for sustainable sourcing

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26.04.2016 Editor

Sustainable sourcing has become fashionable in the food industry, with a growing number of companies making such commitments. The increasing number of sustainability schemes raises questions about long-term developments that will be discussed at the Sustainable Food Summit.

Challenges and opportunities to developing organic farming under a new organic regulation

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26.04.2016 Karin Heinze

Is the new EU Organic Regulation negotiated until June? Where are still sticking points? That was the topic on the second day of the IFOAM EU congress in the Netherlands. The 200 participants from 27 EU countries listened intently what the negotiators from Brussels brought up in the discussion. There are still some open issues, but the Dutch have indicated their objective of concluding the trialogue between the Commission, Council and Parliament, and to bring the new regulation by the end of its EU presidency on the way. With video documentation on BioMarktInfo Youtube.

IFOAM EU Congress: how to transform the agri-food system

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19.04.2016 Karin Heinze

In his welcome note for the 10th IFOAM EU European Organic Congress in Driebergen, Netherlands, re-elected IFOAM EU President Christopher Stopes emphasized that this event would contain a high level of interaction with more than 200 participants. The goal was to look at different models to reach the vision and make Organic 3.0 concrete. Watch the video with statements of several stakeholders.

IFOAM EU: change of directors, president re-elected

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12.04.2016 Karin Heinze

Long-term IFOAM EU Director Marco Schlüter officially stepped down on Friday, April 8. Eduardo Cuoco who was responsible for Technology Research Platform for organic food and farming TPOrganics was appointed to be the new director. See the video-interview with the outgoing director Marco Schlüter and the new director Eduardo Cuoco.

Leading experts to speak at upcoming Food Tank Summit

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30.03.2016 Editor

Food Tank, in partnership with American University, will hold a two-day summit, Wednesday, starting the 20th of April to Thursday the 21st April 2016.

Successful Natural Products Expo West

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30.03.2016 Editor

What are the next top products and trends in the natural and organic sector? 77,000 people came together to answer that very question in Anaheim, California.

Record attendance at the Organic Center’s Annual Benefit Dinner

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23.03.2016 Editor

A record-setting crowd of more than 650 organic visionaries, activists, and business executives gathered enthusiastically earlier this month in Anaheim, California, at The Organic Center's Annual Benefit Dinner.

Latin American Sustainable Food Summit: Traceability, Ingredients & Waste

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22.03.2016 Editor

For the first time, a Latin American summit will tackle food losses & waste, encourage traceability in supply chains and the use of sustainable food ingredients.

Open calls for the Organic World Congress 2017

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16.03.2016 Editor

The 19th Organic World Congress of IFOAM - Organics International, will take place from 09th to the 11th of November 2017 in India, now opens its Call for Papers.

IFOAM asking for feedback about a draft on genetic engineering

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15.03.2016 Redaktion

IFOAM – Organics International invites to contribute to the global vision on genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms.

IFOAM EU: only a few places left for European Organic Congress

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14.03.2016 Editor

In three weeks the IFOAM EU is celebrating its 10th European Organic Congress. From 4 – 6 April the congress will be in Driebergen, Netherlands. There are only a few places left – register before 18 March.

Sustainable Foods Summit Europe agenda announced

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10.03.2016 Editor

The European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will feature sustainable ingredients, and approaches to tackle food losses & waste. The executive summit will be hosted in Amsterdam on 9-10th June 2016.

Largest U.S. Organic Farming Event Sets Attendance Record

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08.03.2016 Redaktion

More than 3,600 people attended the 27th MOSES Organic Farming Conference on the last February week in La Crosse, WI.

Japan: Organic Lifestyle Expo introduced

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04.03.2016 Redaktion

Japan is a major market for organic products but the the market development doesn´t meet the expectations and forecasts by experts. A new expo in November should accelerate the demand.

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