Mitka: practising fair trade in Central America

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29.09.2015 Karin Heinze

The Central American Coffee Import and Export GmbH, abbreviated to Mitka, imports fair trade coffee from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and, above all, Nicaragua. For 30 years Mitka has striven, maintaining direct contact with producers, to practise fair and sustainable trading with the producers.

9th International Fair Trade Towns conference in Bristol

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On 4 - 5 July, 300 delegates from 18 countries across the world will attend the 9th International Fair Trade Towns conference in Bristol.

True costs of the fashion industry

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While clothing prices hit rock bottom, the human and environmental costs are sky rocketing in the multi-trillion dollar fashion industry.

Italy: Milano Fair Cuisine – Fair and local

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Milano Fair Cuisine is an initiative that aims at promoting ethical consumption in restaurants.

Sri Lanka: Good Market – Organic, Sustainable and Local

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13.05.2015 Karin Heinze

Sri Lanka is a small country and for a long time the people had other worries than where to buy organic products. But the Good Market project in Colombo shows that there is growing demand for organic food, natural cosmetics and sustainably manufactured products.

Fairtrade at UK Coffee Week and London Coffee Festival

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The Fairtrade Foundation joined coffee roasters, cafés and other exhibitors at the London Coffee Festival. Businesses that support the UK Coffee Week include Starbucks, which is currently celebrating five years of serving 100% Fairtrade espresso-based drinks.

Egesun focuses on its own raw materials projects

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08.05.2015 Karin Heinze

The Morgenland brand has been established in the wholefood trade for more than 30 years and offers a comprehensive range of nuts, dried fruit, conserves and coconut products. In Sri Lanka, a group of organic traders were able to see for themselves how cropping and processing are organized.

UK: Green & Black’s organic unveils £2 million marketing campaign

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Green & Black’s Organic is unveiling its biggest ever integrated marketing campaign to support the introduction of a new format, the most notable since the brand launched 24 years ago.  


New report by the Fairtrade Foundation - Sugar Crash

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The Fairtrade Foundation has just published their report Sugar Crash - How EU Reform is endangering the livelihoods of small farmers.

Germany: natural and organic cosmetics exceeding the billion mark

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10.03.2015 Karin Heinze

Last year, natural cosmetics for the first time generated (€1.009bn). This represents growth of 10 % for the entire natural and organic cosmetics market and a market share of 7.8 %.

Fairtrade sales and new commitments in the UK

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The estimated retail value of sales of Fairtrade products were £1.67 billion (about €2.26 billion) in 2014, down 3.7% year-on-year.

UK: Fairtrade sales hold steady

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13.01.2015 Redaktion

UK: 20 years of Fairtrade mark

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05.09.2014 Redaktion

Sana 2014 in Bologna

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18.07.2014 Redaktion

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