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Genetic Engineering

Monsanto demands data from glyphosate opponents before US court

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

07.03.2018 Editor

Monsanto has sued the Avaaz campaign network. Avaaz shall transfer all internal data of its glyphosate campaign to Monsanto. The Supreme Court of the State of New York has issued an order to this effect. Avaaz has appealed and is collecting donations to defend itself against the corporation.

Genome editing: Legal expert criticises opinion of Attorney General of the EuCJ

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

05.03.2018 Editor

On 18 January, the Attorney General of the EU Court of Justice (EuCJ) published his position on whether or not so-called genome editing must be regulated under current EU GMO legislation. On behalf of Testbiotech, expert Professor Ludwig Kraemer has analysed the position and says that there is no doubt that the new methods of genetic engineering must be regulated under the current EU Directive 2001/18.

Bayer-Monsanto: authorities are still investigating

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

12.02.2018 Editor

Bayer AG submitted "extensive commitments" to the European Commission to approve the acquisition of the US seed giant Monsanto, reports  the German GMO information service Infodienst Gentechnik.

GMOs: IFOAM releases Position Paper

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

24.01.2018 Editor

IFOAM - Organics International has released a position paper that  is proposing a number of measures to be put in place to further fortify and enhance the organic sector’s available genetic resources in order to safeguard organic integrity and to ensure organic food will continue to meet the highest consumer expectations in this challenging situation.

EU lawyer: Genome Editing can be exempted from GMO directive

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

22.01.2018 Editor

According to Advocate General Bobek, organisms obtained by mutagenesis are, in principle, exempted from
the obligations in the Genetically Modified Organisms Directive.

The European Glyphosate battle

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

08.01.2018 Editor

The European permit for the world's best-selling herbicide glyphosate was set to expire in December 2017. The EU Commission´s proposal to renew it for another 15 years caused a storm of protest. In a review of the last year the Monsanto Tribunal organisation reports about this European battle.

Testbiotech accuses companies of manipulating GMO risk assessment

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

29.12.2017 Editor

According to a Testbiotech analysis, there are clear indications that the companies Dow and Bayer manipulated the data for risk assessment of their genetically engineered soybeans. The claim is based on analysis of the data presented by the companies for risk assessment in the EU.

Glyphosate: majority of MEPs for Commission decision to be annulled? 

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

08.12.2017 Editor

The Greens/EFA group will try to build a majority in the European Parliament to refer the European Commission’s decision to renew the licence for glyphosate to the European Court of Justice.

Gates Foundation lobbies for gene drive

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

08.12.2017 Editor

As documents published earlier this week show, an international campaign is underway behind the scenes to pave the way for the release of genetically engineered insects and mammals, carrying a so-called gene drive.

South Australia votes to keep GM crop ban in place

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

30.11.2017 Editor

South Australia is set to extend its ban on growing genetically modified crops until 2025, after a Bill proposed by Green members in the state government was passed by a single vote this week.

Breaking: EU renews glyphosate licence for five years

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering


It´s hardly to believe! Germany voted yes for a five years renewal for the weedkiller glyphosate - this ensured the qualified majority for the approval.While massive protests took place the member states disregarded the citizens requirements. 


Demand for new German government: safeguard GMO free products

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

30.10.2017 Editor

Current seed evaluation shows that zero tolerance against GMOs works. Greenpeace, Bioland and IG Seed require to safeguard GMO free products.


Monsanto in trouble

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering


Monsanto is in trouble for many reasons. Among others, the authorization of Monsanto’s flagship Roundup and its ingredient glyphosate is expiring in the EU by the end of this year. More and more weeds are resistant to Roundup. Monsanto’s ‘solution’ to this problem, another very toxic herbicide Dicamba, turns out to be a complete failure. The Monsanto Tribunal last fall in The Hague and court cases have been exposing the way Monsanto works, and this helps to inspire others to show the true cost of Monsanto’s business. Films and books were released too.

Study „Failed promises - the rise and fall of GM cotton in India

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

17.10.2017 Editor

The Soil Association’s recent report about GM cotton in India was launched at the Textile Exchange sustainability Conference in Washington DC last week. 

EU: Glyphosate license expiring

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

11.10.2017 Editor

Soon the EU member states will have to cast their vote for the final decision on the glyphosate license. On the 11th of October there will be an official hearing in the EU Parliament.


Illegal cultivation of GM soya: a threat to Mexican beekeepers

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

10.10.2017 Editor

The illegal cultivation of GM soya beans in Mexico poses a threat to the livelihood of the indigenous Mayan beekeepers on the Yucatan peninsula. Mexican delegation seeks supporters in Germany – visit to Naturland.

New genetic engineering techniques need to be regulated as GMOs

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

28.09.2017 Editor

On September 28, the European Commission organises a stakeholders discussion on new genetic engineering techniques and their legal status at the High Level Conference Modern Biotechnologies in Agriculture. The decision on how to regulate these new GMOs will have important consequences on the whole food production chain and on the organic sector in particular.

EU: no import approval for triple resistant GM soy

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

15.09.2017 Editor

Recently, the European Parliament predominantly raised an objection against the import approval of the genetically engineered soy-breed DAS-68416-4. Thereby, a GM plant which was made resistant against three pesticides at once was discussed for the first time.   

Bribed science: Monsanto and EFSA

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

05.09.2017 Leo Frühschütz

It is claimed that Monsanto paid an employeeof the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) tasked with pesticide evaluation to declare that glyphosate is not dangerous at a conference for toxicologists. This has come to light in the firm's internal emails that have been published in the course of legal action being taken against Monsanto in California. The organisation Testbiotech has called for clarification by the EFSA.

EU: vote on importing new GM soya

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

20.07.2017 Editor

In mid July a vote was taken in Brussels on further approval by the EU of imports of genetically engineered soya beans.

USA: CRISPR-Cas technique without labelling

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

10.07.2017 Editor

As TestBioTec, the German organisation critical of genetic engineering, has reported, mushrooms in the USA have been manipulated using new genetic engineering techniques (CRISPR-Cas). No label shows that to the consumers.

Poland: The Charter for Real Food and Farming

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

28.06.2017 Editor

On June 13th 2017, a group of determined individuals came together to support "The Charter for Real Food and Farming", whose special launch took place in the  President's Palace, in Warsaw (Belweder).

Up to now no GMO potatoes in Canada

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

08.06.2017 Editor

There will be no commercially grown GMO potatoes on Prince Edward Island this year, according to Simplot Plant Sciences, the company that developed the Innate potato. Innate potatoes bruise less and have fewer black spots than conventional potatoes.

Glyphosate studies: a case for the European Court of Justice

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

05.06.2017 Editor

A group of Greens/European Free Alliance MEPs has filed a case with the European Court of Justice demanding public access to the studies used by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in assessing the safety of glyphosate.

March against Monsanto around the world

Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

02.06.2017 Editor

The wolrdwide sixth annual March against Monsanto attracts again 10,000s of people on Saturday, May 20. News reports a picture of solidarity against what’s come to be known as the most evil corporation in the world.

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