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GM crops stalled in 2016

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18.05.2017 Redaktion

Genetically Manipulated (GM) crops grew on less than 13% of global cropland in 2016. Presented by GMWatch (, the information provided by Gene Ethics Director Bob Phelps ( and the latest report by the ISAAA (International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications) chart developments in GM agriculture across the world as some countries ban GM, some are reducing GM and some are embracing GM technology.

USA: the Environmental Protection Agency and chlorpyrifos

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16.05.2017 Redaktion

Nominated by President Trump in December 2016, Scott Pruitt was confirmed by the Senate to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in February 2017. One of his first major decisions was to abort the Agency's proposed ban on the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos for use on food crops.

UK: new GM wheat trial gets go-ahead

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24.04.2017 Editor

A new experimental crop of genetically modified (GM) wheat is going to be planted this spring after the UK government gave the final go-ahead.

GM crops in the UK: dissension among the royals

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20.04.2017 Editor

There is much disagreement in Britain about the benefits and disadvantages of genetic engineering in agriculture.

Gene drive made in Göttingen

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19.04.2017 Editor

Much concern has been expressed about an experiment involving genetically engineered flies and the potential risk of uncontrolled release into the environment.


EU: Member states still reject GM agriculture

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06.04.2017 Editor

At the end of March IFOAM EU published a press statement explaining the rejection by the EU member states of GMO for the second time this year.

Monsanto Tribunal: Rechtsgutachten wird am 18. April verkündet

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21.03.2017 Karin Heinze

Am 18. April werden die Richter des Monsanto Tribunalslöffentlich ihr Gutachten und ihre Empfehlungen in Den Haag verkünden. Es wird dazu einen Live Stream in englisch, französisch, deutsch und spanisch geben.

Legal opinion of the Monsanto Tribunal: April 18th

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14.03.2017 Editor

On April 18th, the Monsanto Tribunal judges will publicly present their conclusions and legal recommendations in The Hague. This event will be livestreamed in English, French, German and Spanish.

EU: ban for British GM crops?

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27.02.2017 Editor

As a leaked report by the European Parliament shows, there are plans to ban British products if they are contaminated with genetically modified organism.  

Korea: controversial discussion on new GMO rules

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24.02.2017 Editor

As Korean media reported the government's new rules on genetically modified organism (GMO) labeling on products are into effect since beginning of February. The rules are revised by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Testbiotech criticises experiments to create chimeric embryos

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09.02.2017 Editor

Testbiotech, the Institute for Independent Impact Assessment of Biotechnology is highly critical of experiments attempting to create chimeric embryos by inserting human embryonic cells into embryos from animal species.

UK GM wheat trial gets go-ahead

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03.02.2017 Editor

The UK government gave the final go-ahead for a new experimental crop of genetically modified (GM) wheat. The planting will take place this spring.

EU: no majority for or against approval of GM maize

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31.01.2017 Editor

The Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed, made up of experts from the governments of the Member States, discussed the approval of several GM maize varieties for the EU - there was no majority for an approval.

Demo „We've had enough of agro-industry“ – 9 demands for a change

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31.01.2017 Karin Heinze

Election year and Green Week: time to talk about the future of agriculture and to demonstrate for a change of direction in agriculture. The seventh “We've had enough” demo in Berlin was an opportunity to do just that – 18,000 people went onto the streets. The motley crowd marched through the government district in Berlin, but the events before and after the demo too were also a platform for targeting the demands of the organic industry, animal welfare organisations, environmentalists and critics of capitalism etc. at politicians (Video).

We are fed up with the agricultural industry!

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24.01.2017 Editor

Under the motto "We are fed up with the agricultural industry!" 18,000 farmers and citizens demand a change in agricultural and nutrition policy. The alliance calls for a 9-point plan for animal, environment and climate change in agriculture.

Canada: majority of consumers still opposed to GM food

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20.01.2017 Editor

GM foods have been on the Canadian market since many years and although government has repeatedly assured consumers of their safety, consumers remain wary.

Demo in Berlin: focus on farm closures and Monsanto deal

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11.01.2017 Editor

“Agricultural corporations: keep your hands off our food!” – with this motto tens of thousands will again go onto the streets in Berlin on 21 January. The occasion is the “We've had enough!” demonstration demanding a fundamental change to agricultural and nutrition policy.

Genetically modified rape: deadline for elimination extended

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10.01.2017 Editor

The EU Commission decided at the end of 2016 to extend the deadline for the elimination of various types of GM rape to 31.12.2019, because Bayer CropSciences is having problems in removing the contamination in food products.

Study shows major molecular differences between GMO and non-GMO corn

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09.01.2017 Editor

A unique new study published in the scientific journal Nature has used molecular profiles to reveal major differences in composition between a GMO corn and its non-GMO parent.

Animal experiments: one million GMO animals used in Germany in 2016

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05.01.2017 Editor

According to the official statistics published for 2015 more than 1.1 million genetically engineered animals has been used in Germany. Testbiotech demands political initiatives to stop this growing trend in animal suffering.

Gene editing must be labeled GMO

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04.01.2017 Editor

The new generation of products from gene-edited origin is appearing. The German association VLOG stated these products must be tested, regulated and labelled as GMOs.

Argentinia: Federal Prosecutor requests ban on GMO crops

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03.01.2017 Editor

The Argentinian Federal Prosecutor Fabián Canda has officially filed a request to the Federal Administrative Court of Buenos Aires to prohibit the sale of GMO seeds that are designed to be grown with glyphosate herbicides (Roundup Ready).

China: Heilongjiang province bans GMOs

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02.01.2017 Editor

According to several sources China´s top grain producing province Heilongjiang has decided in December to prohibit to grow GMO crops. The regulation will become effective on May 1,2017.

EU Court: authorisation of GM soya lawful

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30.12.2016 Editor

The GM soya "Intacta" can continue to be sold in the EU.  On Thursday, the EU court (ECJ) in Luxembourg rejected an action against the marketing of this variety produced by Monsanto and contained in animal feed and food for humans.

ChemChina further extended takeover offer to Syngenta

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29.12.2016 Editor

The absence of regulatory approvals has forced the Chinese chemical company ChemChina to extend its takeover offer to the Swiss seed and crop protection company Syngenta once more.

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