USA: the Environmental Protection Agency and chlorpyrifos

International_EN, North America

16.05.2017 Redaktion

Nominated by President Trump in December 2016, Scott Pruitt was confirmed by the Senate to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in February 2017. One of his first major decisions was to abort the Agency's proposed ban on the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos for use on food crops.

New York: "Live Organic from Farm to Home"

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10.05.2017 Editor

America's Organic Trade Association has just published an article on a show in New York that went beyond organic food.

US: glyphosate and reproductive problems

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03.05.2017 Editor

In an article posted this month by Sustainable Pulse, the Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN, a national multi-disciplinary organization whose mission is to protect the developing child from environmental health hazards and promote a healthier environment) said there is new evidence regarding  sharply rising herbicide use and risks to pregnant women and children living in the rural Midwest of the US.

New York: protesters seek clarity from TIAA

International_EN, North America

01.05.2017 Editor

An article posted last week by Friends of the Earth explains how FOE and a coalition of environmental, human rights and family farm organizations recently delivered a letter with over 100,000 signatures to pension fund management company TIAA. 

USA: millennials and organic – a winning combination

International_EN, North America

29.04.2017 Editor

In North America the so called-generation of millennials is adopting organic in a big way: on the farm and on the internet, in the kitchen and in the board room.

Safer North American organic products

International_EN, North America

11.04.2017 Editor

In a press release the German-based Gesellschaft für Ressourcenschutz (GfRS) (engl. Resource Protection Ltd) has announced that an IRM-Organic team is going to train Canadian and US-American organic inspectors in risk-oriented organic controls.

USA: Organics on the rise in US households

International_EN, North America

10.04.2017 Editor

The Organic Trade Association has released data showing that organic products are now used in more than 80% of kitchens in US households.

Roundup – carcinogenic or not?

International_EN, North America

05.04.2017 Editor

Has evidence that Roundup causes cancer been suppressed? Collusion on the part of Monsanto and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?

USA: again a problem of fraud?

International_EN, North America

04.04.2017 Editor

Cornucopia and Star Tribune have drawn attention to organic grain imports, the impact on certified American organic farmers and the possibility of organic fraud.

USA: Organic Farming Research Foundation´s report on challenges of organic farming

International_EN, North America

03.04.2017 Editor

In the USA the demand for organic food is growing rapidly and there is a need for more research so that farmers can deal with the special difficulties and problems that accompany practising organic agriculture


US organic tea & coffee market with double digit growth

International_EN, North America

01.03.2017 Editor

According to a TechSci Research report, "United States Organic Tea & Coffee Market the market of organic tea & coffee in the United States is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 13% during 2017-2022.

USA: first Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit tackles impacts

International_EN, North America

28.02.2017 Editor

For the first time in North America, an executive summit will focus on the health and environmental impacts of cleaning products. Organized by Organic Monitor, the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit will be hosted in New York City on May 2-3rd.

The US provide strong impulses for worldwide growth

International_EN, North America

16.02.2017 Editor

In the ranking of global organic markets the United States gained a market share of 47% in 2015, according to the survey „World of Organic Agriculture launched by Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL and IFOAM – Organics International. The data were presented at BioFach in Niuremberg.

USA: animal welfare rule for the organic sector released

International_EN, North America

06.02.2017 Editor

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on January 19 published the final rule on animal welfare standards for organic livestock and poultry in the Federal Register.

Trump´s Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

International_EN, North America

02.02.2017 Editor

US-President Donald Trump has nominated the former Georgia Republican Governor Sonny Perdue for Agriculture Secretary. Stakeholders of the organic industry gave their statement.

USA: GROorganic Check-off program

International_EN, North America

31.01.2017 Editor

GRO Organic Check-off is a proposal for a nationwide research and promotion program for the organic sector. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking public comments.

OCA announced #ConsumerRevolution and #PoliticalRevolution platforms

International_EN, North America

23.01.2017 Editor

With the start of the new political era in America the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) announced to fight against the expected bad conditions for organic farming, GMO labeling and consumers right to know what is in their food.


Canada: majority of consumers still opposed to GM food

International_EN, North America

20.01.2017 Editor

GM foods have been on the Canadian market since many years and although government has repeatedly assured consumers of their safety, consumers remain wary.

OFRF Receives FSA Grant to Help Organic Farmers

International_EN, North America

19.01.2017 Editor

The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) has been chosen to receive a competitive grant from USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) designed to facilitate the increased use of the agency's programs and services among organic farmers.

Danone´s reasons to go organic

International_EN, North America

18.01.2017 Editor

Danone’s CEO Emmanuel Faber suggests obesity, malnutrition and declining soil health are reasons to go organic

Study shows major molecular differences between GMO and non-GMO corn

International_EN, North America

09.01.2017 Editor

A unique new study published in the scientific journal Nature has used molecular profiles to reveal major differences in composition between a GMO corn and its non-GMO parent.

SFS: industry leaders to tackle key sustainability issues

International_EN, North America

06.01.2017 Editor

Some of the major sustainability issues facing the food industry will be tackled at the Sustainable Foods Summit, hosted in San Francisco on 18-20th January. Registration closes next week.

Organic cotton from India designed in New York

International_EN, North America

05.01.2017 Karin Heinze

The organic enterprise Suminter India Organics® runs a fair trade organic cotton project with 5,500 farmers in the state of Gujarat, India. The cotton is the raw material for Satva Atheleisurewear - watch the video interview. 

ChemChina further extended takeover offer to Syngenta

International_EN, North America

29.12.2016 Editor

The absence of regulatory approvals has forced the Chinese chemical company ChemChina to extend its takeover offer to the Swiss seed and crop protection company Syngenta once more.

NOSB does not allow Carrageenan any longer

International_EN, North America

22.12.2016 Editor

Carrageenan has been removed from the list of approved ingredients in organic foods, the National Organic Standards Board decided recently. The controversial seaweed-derived substance is commonly used as an emulsifier in some food products.

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