FiBL trial in Bolivia: comparing cacao in agroforestry and monoculture

International_EN, Latin America

28.03.2017 Editor

Because of the growing demand for cacao the land under cultivation has expanded in tropical forest areas and monoculture has replaced agroforestry systems.

EU-Chile: organic trade agreement to be signed

International_EN, Latin America

08.03.2017 Editor

On 6 March 2017, the European Council adopted a decision on the signing of an agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Chile on trade in organic products. 

EU organic law opposes organic mate tea

International_EN, Latin America

08.02.2017 Editor

Organic or not organic? The issue is not clear in the case of mate tea. The EU Commission and the organic authorities in a number of federal states in Germany question whether certified organic mate tea from South America can be sold as an organic food item.

Argentinia: Federal Prosecutor requests ban on GMO crops

International_EN, Latin America

03.01.2017 Editor

The Argentinian Federal Prosecutor Fabián Canda has officially filed a request to the Federal Administrative Court of Buenos Aires to prohibit the sale of GMO seeds that are designed to be grown with glyphosate herbicides (Roundup Ready).

German Minister for the Environment opposed to the release of organisms with a 'gene-drive'

International_EN, Latin America

07.12.2016 Editor

The German Minister for the Environment, Barbara Hendricks, has taken a clear stand against any release of genetically engineered organisms inheriting a 'gene drive'.

Moratorium on new genetic extinction technology at UN convention

International_EN, Latin America

06.12.2016 Editor

Gene drive technology poses serious and potentially irreversible threats to biodiversity, as well as national sovereignty, peace, and food security, declare 160 global groups at the COP13 meetings in Cancun, Mexico. 


Tribunal gathers evidence of Monsanto´s ecocide

International_EN, Latin America

23.10.2016 Karin Heinze

The Monsanto Tribunal was held in the middle of October in The Hague. A panel of five prestigious judges listened to witnesses from all over the world. Lawyers, farmers, mothers, health experts and scientists made serious accusations against the American chemicals and seed corporation Monsanto. The aim is to incorporate ecocide into international law. The People´s Assembly, that was held in parallel to the Tribunal, has already  “condemned“ Monsanto (watch the videos). More reports from The Hague.

4th Mexican Health Products Summit

International_EN, Latin America

14.09.2016 Redaktion

On 27-29th January 2017, the Mexican Health Products Summit will take place in Puerto Vallarta.

Venezuela’s Seed Law at Risk

International_EN, Latin America

07.09.2016 Redaktion

Last year, the government of Venezuela passed the so called Seed Law, which intended to impose one of the worlds toughest regulations on GMO seeds.

Brazil Landless Workers’ Movement opens Organic Food Store

International_EN, Latin America

29.08.2016 Redaktion

In São Paulo, Brazil, an initiative of Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) has opened an organic food store to increase access to healthy and ecological products.

Sustainable Foods Summit Europe and Latin America: Major Outcomes

International_EN, Latin America

25.07.2016 Editor

Some of the pressing sustainability challenges facing the food industry were debated at the recent editions of the Sustainable Foods Summit hosted in São Paulo (29-30 June) and Amsterdam (9-10 June).

Sustainable Foods Summit - Latin America

International_EN, Latin America

07.06.2016 Editor

The 2nd Latin American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will focus on sustainable ingredients, food traceability, and tackling food waste, announced the official site of Sustainable Foods Summit.

USA: First World Fairtrade Challenge campaign

International_EN, Latin America

19.05.2016 Editor

This year, the Bolivian Embassy highlighted Fairtrade organic coffee grown by small-scale Fairtrade coffee farmers during the Open Day of the embassies in Washington DC that attracted over 30,000 visitors.

BioFach America Latina - BioBrazil in Sao Paulo

International_EN, Latin America

06.05.2016 Editor

From 8 to 11 June 2016, Biofach America Latina - Bio Brazil Fair will be opening its doors for the twelfth edition of the event in the Biennale Pavilion of Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo.

Chile and the EU sign agreement on organic products

International_EN, Latin America

19.04.2016 Redaktion

The first EU bilateral recognition with a Latin American country has come to an end.

Latin American Sustainable Food Summit: Traceability, Ingredients & Waste

International_EN, Latin America

22.03.2016 Editor

For the first time, a Latin American summit will tackle food losses & waste, encourage traceability in supply chains and the use of sustainable food ingredients.

Tradin Organic: new projects for sourcing organic cocoa

International_EN, Latin America

07.03.2016 Editor

Since the 1980’s, Tradin Organic have been active in sourcing organic cocoa and is developing new projects each year. In 2015, some of the new origins added to the project list were Peru and Sierra Leone.

EU, Colombia increase the trade in organic products

International_EN, Latin America

18.02.2016 Editor

The Government of Colombia and the European Commission announced the start of negotiations towards a bilateral agreement on trade in organic products.

The Organic Brazil of the 21st century 

International_EN, Latin America

11.02.2016 Editor

Brazil has a market in the order of R$ 2.5 billion (640 Mio.$), including exports, with the expectation of growth of 30-35% in 2016. Around 11.500 organic producers were recorded 2015.

Mitka: practising fair trade in Central America

International_EN, Latin America

29.09.2015 Karin Heinze

The Central American Coffee Import and Export GmbH, abbreviated to Mitka, imports fair trade coffee from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and, above all, Nicaragua. For 30 years Mitka has striven, maintaining direct contact with producers, to practise fair and sustainable trading with the producers.

Nicaraguas core eco initiative fights greenwashing

International_EN, Latin America

15.09.2015 Karin Heinze

Organic farming has slowly become established in Nicaragua. But the work of eco initiatives like Finca La Esperanzita and Sano y Salvo is being jeopardized by the increasing activities of so-called sustainability initiatives. Nicaragua’s core eco initiative Finca La Esperanzita is opposing this development.


Nicaragua: Managua’s Green Wave

International_EN, Latin America

26.08.2015 Karin Heinze

Ola Verde means green wave and is an organic enterprise in Managua. Carla Fjeld launched an initiative for healthy living and nutrition, and her restaurant, adjoining shop and catering have proved to be a great success.

New in the Fairtrade family: Fairtrade Brasil

International_EN, Latin America

15.04.2015 Redaktion

Brazilian consumers now have the power to help farmers in Brazil and developing countries build better futures for themselves, by choosing products with the Fairtrade Mark in stores across Brazil.

Organic Food Deliveries in Rio by Clube Orgânico

International_EN, Latin America

06.04.2015 Redaktion

Two young Brazilians founded a food club that connects consumers and organic producers through weekly delivery of organic food baskets, reports the Rio Times online.

Organics Brazil is a success story

International_EN, Latin America

27.03.2015 Karin Heinze

The Brazilian program OrganicsBrasil is designed to promote Brazilian organic and sustainable producers worldwide. It is mantained by Apex-Brasil the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, an executive department of Brazilian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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