10th Natural Cosmetics Conference: Ensuring future success for the industry

International_EN, Europe

19.09.2017 Editor


September the 26-27 the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference will open its doors in Berlin for the anniversary edition. The Conference will be held for the 10th time and will provide information about current topics of the natural cosmetics industry, presenting and discussing these from a critical point of view.


EU: no import approval for triple resistant GM soy

International_EN, Europe

15.09.2017 Editor

Recently, the European Parliament predominantly raised an objection against the import approval of the genetically engineered soy-breed DAS-68416-4. Thereby, a GM plant which was made resistant against three pesticides at once was discussed for the first time.   

Eosta: new sustainable company building

International_EN, Europe

14.09.2017 Editor

On Thursday, September 14, the Dutch importer of organic fruits and vegetables Eosta laid the foundations for the new sustainable office and logistics building in Waddinxveen in the Netherlands.

France: Vote against proposal for a new glyphosate license

International_EN, Europe

13.09.2017 Editor

About two weeks ago, the French government stated that France will vote against the re-authorization of the pesticide and thus, against the European Commission’s proposal for a renewal of the license for glyphosate.

IFOAM EU Congress: Roadmap for making Europe more organic

International_EN, Europe

12.09.2017 Karin Heinze

IFOAM EU members and guests from the organic industry as well as policymakers met for the 11th European Organic Congress (EOC) in the Estonian capital Tallinn from 5 - 6 September. The main topics of the first day were the Common European Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the possibilities to implement the ambitious goal of IFOAM EU to reach 50% European agricultural land managed according to organic principles by 2030 (Organic Vision 2030). The new launched "Organic Roadmap" should serve as an inspiration and source of ideas. (Video interview with IFOAM EU President Christopher Stopes)

Pukka Herbs take-over by Unilever

International_EN, Europe

08.09.2017 Editor

Pukka Herbs, a British producer of organic herbal teas and health supplements, will be taken over by the British-Dutch group Unilever.

Sustainable Farming: IFOAM EU has launched an Organic Roadmap

International_EN, Europe

06.09.2017 Editor

To reach the Organic Vision 2030, IFOAM EU has launched an Organic Roadmap to Sustainable Food and Farming Systems in Europe at the 11th European Organic Congress in Tallinn.

AFI: International Conference against fraudulent labelling of organic food

International_EN, Europe

06.09.2017 Editor

The Anti-Fraud-Initiative (AFI), IFOAM and EOCC invite interested parties to their International Conference concerning the question “How to improve the securing of organic integrity of Eastern European organic exports?” taking place from 21st – 22nd September 2017 in Odessa, Ukraine.

Bribed science: Monsanto and EFSA

International_EN, Europe

05.09.2017 Leo Frühschütz

It is claimed that Monsanto paid an employeeof the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) tasked with pesticide evaluation to declare that glyphosate is not dangerous at a conference for toxicologists. This has come to light in the firm's internal emails that have been published in the course of legal action being taken against Monsanto in California. The organisation Testbiotech has called for clarification by the EFSA.

In Tallinn EU ministers of agriculture must look further than their egg cups

International_EN, Europe

04.09.2017 Editor

Estonia holds the EU Council Presidency until the end of this year. At their meeting in Tallinn from 3-5 September the topics to be discussed by the EU ministers of agriculture will include the fipronil scandal.

Ecovia Intelligence: Future Outlook for Sustainable Sourcing

International_EN, Europe

29.08.2017 Editor

One of the most difficult issues associated with sustainable sourcing is whether companies should adopt third party standards or develop in-house schemes. Recent developments suggest the pendulum is swinging towards in-house sustainable sourcing schemes, says Ecovia Intelligence.

Swiss quality strategy association: Invitation to a conference on new breeding methods in Bern

International_EN, Europe

23.08.2017 Editor

The “Verein zur Förderung der Qualitätsstrategie der Schweizer Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft“ (Association to support the quality strategy of Swiss agriculture and food economics) invites interested parties to its autumn conference about new methods of plant breeding taking place on the 8th of September 2017 in Bern.

Natural Products Scandinavia & Nordic Organic Food Fair: preview of exhibitors 2017

International_EN, Europe

23.08.2017 Editor

The initial list of exhibitors for the 2017 Natural Products Scandinavia & Nordic Organic Food Fair 2017 has recently been released. As the stand space has increased, 400 exhibitors from around the world, presenting the latest natural and organic innovations, will be featured by the event. Until now, over 75 percent of the exhibitors have already booked for the fair taking place at MalmöMässan in Sweden, on 15-16 November 2017.

Sweden: KRAV considering withdrawal from EU organic regulations

International_EN, Europe

22.08.2017 Editor

If the Swedish organisation KRAV takes up a proposal preferred by some people belonging to the Swedish organic community, the consequence would mean that products with the KRAV label could not be promoted as being organic any longer. According the EU rules, products not fully complying with the EU Organic Regulation are not allowed to be labelled as being ‘organic’.


German company GEPA: “spearheading fair trade”

International_EN, Europe

22.08.2017 Karin Heinze

The biggest fair trade firm in Europe, domiciled in Wuppertal in Germany, is delighted with another good business year: in 2016 the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Partnerschaft mit der Dritten Welt mbH (GEPA) – The Fair Trade Company - recorded growth of around 7 percent and achieved turnover of 74 million euros. With the appointment of Peter Schaumberger the company is headed by two managing directors, with Schaumberger becoming the brand and distribution manager. He intends to increase the proportion of organics in the product range and concentrate his attention on sustainability and climate change. The company also involves itself in world economic and development policy issues.

BASF wants to stop selling Fipronil as a pesticide

International_EN, Europe

16.08.2017 Editor

After the European egg-scandal, BASF stopps selling Fipronil as a pesticide. Recently, the North Rhine-Westphalian Department of Environment called back eggs polluted with the insecticide.

New publications: organic farming and climate change report and brochure for students

International_EN, Europe

14.08.2017 Editor

Nowadays, working in the farming sector is very challenging due to extreme weather conditions and on-going climate changeoften resulting in harvest losses or the tremendous damage of natural resources. However, agriculture is also confronted with producing approximately 10 per cent of the EU’s total direct greenhouse gas emissions.

Databases to combat organic fraud

International_EN, Europe

08.08.2017 Leo Frühschütz

Organic controls – that often means a lot of physical paperwork and the difficult exchange of information across borders. Added to this are impenetrable trade flows. Databases could be the remedy – and make life difficult for potential fraudsters. The Organic Integrity Platform (OIP) is now mandatory for cereals in Italy. The OIP could be a model for other countries.  

Traceability: different systems round the world

International_EN, Europe

08.08.2017 Editor

Tracing the movement of goods in the organic sector both within the EU and worldwide leaves much to be desired. Even with the EU's new electronic certification system TRACES (Trade Control & Export System) optimum traceability can't be achieved.

France: Natexpo shows latest trends for for organic retailers

International_EN, Europe

07.08.2017 Editor

For the first time, the French trade fair for ecogical and organic products, NATEXPO, is shining a spotlight on the latest developments dedicated to specialist organic retailers. The trade show is taking place from October 22 - 24 in Paris.

IFOAM EU: aims of the 11th European Organic Congress

International_EN, Europe

04.08.2017 Editor

The 11th European Organic Congress takes place in the Estonian capital Tallinn from 5 -7 September 2017. IFOAM EU Group has a clear agenda what they want for organic in Europe by 2030.

Eosta: recording all the damage caused by food production

International_EN, Europe

03.08.2017 Editor

The study „True Cost Accounting in Farming and Finance”, commissioned by the Dutch company Eosta, calculated the actual cost of producing food - an undertaking praised by Prince Charles.

TRACES: electronic certification for organic imports to prevent fraud

International_EN, Europe

02.08.2017 Editor

Since April 2017 a new electronic certification system called TRACES (Trade Control & Export System) has been operating in the EU. It will improve the monitoring of organic products  imported into the EU from third countries.                 

EU: risks involved in the authorisation of stevia

International_EN, Europe

28.07.2017 Editor

As the University of Hohenheim reports, the EU Commission has authorised new uses of the natural sweetener stevia. Hitherto only steviol glycoside, not the natural stevia leaves, was approved for use as a calorie-free sweetener in food and beverages.

Glyphosate: extending authorisation only if EU states say yes

International_EN, Europe

27.07.2017 Editor

The wrangle over re-authorising glyphosate goes on and on. Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, from the European Health and Food Safety Commission, has stated that this pesticide will be approved for a further 10 years only with the agreement of member states.

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