Transport: Followfood wants to offset CO₂

International_EN, Africa

30.12.2016 Editor

From the beginning of 2017  Followfood wants to compensate for CO₂ emissions caused by transporting its goods by planting trees in Uganda. 

Kenya: organic farming is productive and resource-conserving

International_EN, Africa

06.12.2016 Editor

A long-term study in Kenya shows that maize yields and nutrient uptake in the organic farming systems are quite similar to conventional systems. Due to premium prices, organic systems are more profitable for farmers than conventional ones. The study was carried out by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in close cooperation with partners in Kenya.


Nigeria: Agency warns against consumption of genetically-modified foods

International_EN, Africa

06.12.2016 Editor

The National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) of Nigeria has warned the public of genetically-modified products that are on offer in some stores. None of the products has yet been approved for local and commercial consumption.

COP22: Manifesto for a Bio Morocco and for the Support for a Bio Africa

International_EN, Africa

24.11.2016 Editor

IFOAM President Andre Leu was speaker at the COP22 Green Zone debate by the federation of Moroccan organic agriculture professionals (FIMABIO) in Marrakech.

Regeneration Hub: new platform is launched

International_EN, Africa

23.11.2016 Editor

Regeneration International (RI) and Open Team, in partnership with 17 organizations launched The Regeneration Hub (RHub) at the COP22 Climate Summit.

Saudi Arabia: after the oil comes the green gold

International_EN, Africa

31.10.2016 Editor

Saudi Gazette announced the opening of the Saudi Agriculture & Saudi Agro Food 2016 Exhibition on the 2nd of October in the capital, Riyadh. Over 350 companies from more than 31 countries participate at the event.

Tribunal gathers evidence of Monsanto´s ecocide

International_EN, Africa

23.10.2016 Karin Heinze

The Monsanto Tribunal was held in the middle of October in The Hague. A panel of five prestigious judges listened to witnesses from all over the world. Lawyers, farmers, mothers, health experts and scientists made serious accusations against the American chemicals and seed corporation Monsanto. The aim is to incorporate ecocide into international law. The People´s Assembly, that was held in parallel to the Tribunal, has already  “condemned“ Monsanto (watch the videos). More reports from The Hague.

Empowering small farmers and advocating for their interests

International_EN, Africa

08.07.2016 Editor

IFAD Annual report 2015 has recently been published in order to explain about their work, investments and results.

Organic methods to save Egyptian agriculture

International_EN, Africa

01.06.2016 Editor

In the last 20 years the Egyptian government has promoted heavily the expansion of agricultural land into the “Newlands” located in the desert.

Anti-GMO March and Protest Movement against Monsanto

International_EN, Africa

27.04.2016 Editor

On the 21st of May 2016, South Africans will once again unite, in numerous cities throughout the country, to protest Monsanto’s aggressive attempts to force genetically modified organisms.

Tradin Organic: new projects for sourcing organic cocoa

International_EN, Africa

07.03.2016 Editor

Since the 1980’s, Tradin Organic have been active in sourcing organic cocoa and is developing new projects each year. In 2015, some of the new origins added to the project list were Peru and Sierra Leone.

BioTropic sets up projects in West Africa and the Dominican Republic

International_EN, Africa

27.01.2015 Redaktion

As an importer operating in many countries in four continents, BioTropic GmbH is continuing to create cropping projects of its own, plus projects for processed products.

i+m’s big plus – fairness principle is top priority

International_EN, Africa

01.12.2014 Redaktion

The story of the Berlin natural cosmetics firm i+m began 35 years ago. Seven years ago, the founder of the firm Inge Stamm brought a new generation on board.

IFOAM World Congress and General Assembly: Inspiration and Outcomes

International_EN, Africa

27.10.2014 Redaktion
Evaluation of the Congress by IFOAM’s managing director Markus Arbenz was positive, the keynote speakers also pointed to the way forward

IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014 in Istanbul

International_EN, Africa

04.09.2014 Redaktion
The Turkish organic movement invites us to the biggest organic event of the year from 13 to 15 October 2014

3rd West African Conference on Organic Agriculture

International_EN, Africa

27.08.2014 Redaktion

Empowering smallholders by group certification

International_EN, Africa

09.04.2014 Redaktion
Smallholders play an essential role in food production and food security, in sustaining rural economies and as stewards of biodiversity.

Egypt: 37 years of Sekem

International_EN, Africa

10.02.2014 Redaktion

Producers from Ghana at BioFach Germany

International_EN, Africa

03.02.2014 Redaktion

More organic products for East Africa

International_EN, Africa

13.01.2014 Redaktion

Kilimo Hai - Going Organic in East Africa

International_EN, Africa

09.01.2014 Redaktion

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