Germany: Dennree with almost 30 million euros profit in 2016

International_EN, Germany

23.01.2018 Editor

The German Dennree Group was able to close the year 2016 successfully. The balance sheet published shortly before Christmas shows a profit of almost 30 million euros (after tax). Sales rose by around ten percent. For 2017, only a low single-digit increase in sales is expected.

"We are sick of it!": 33,000 protesters call for new agricultural policy

International_EN, Germany

23.01.2018 Editor

With a deafening cooking pot concert, 33,000 people called to the We are fed up! -Demonstration to kick off the Green Week in Berlin, the future federal government on a new agricultural policy.

BioFach and Vivaness Congress offers more than 120 sessions

International_EN, Germany

16.01.2018 Editor

In four weeks, the international organic food and natural cosmetics sectors will kick off the year with their annual gathering in Nuremberg from 14 to 17 February 2018. This is when BioFach, the world’s leading fair for organic food and Vivaness, the international trade fair for natural and organic personal care, will again open their doors to an expected 50,000 and more trade visitors. The BioFach and Vivaness congresses combined represent the No. 1 knowledge transfer and networking event for the organic sector.

Fairafric: crowdfunding for fair chocolate

International_EN, Germany

16.01.2018 Editor

The German-Ghanaian chocolate start-up fairafric has launched an investment campaign on the crowdinvestment platform Seedrs.

Green fashion fair: 42nd Innatex with 4th blogger meeting

International_EN, Germany

15.01.2018 Editor

Only two days after the Berlin Fashion Week, Muveo GmbH invites interested parties to the international natural textiles fair Innatex from 20 to 22 January 2018 at the Messecenter Rhein-Main in Hofheim-Wallau.

CAP: IFOAM EU Board member Jan Plagge re-elected

International_EN, Germany

13.12.2017 Editor

Jan Plagge remains Deputy Chairman of the EU Civil Dialogue Group (CDG) on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The president of Bioland and vice-president of the IFOAM EU Group (International Federation of Organic Agriculture).

BioFach: special show focusing on animal and plant breeding

International_EN, Germany

30.11.2017 Editor

In the special show "Organic from the start" Biofach 2018 will be focussing on breeding plants and animals organically. This part of the exhibition has been allocated a central location at entrance area Mitte.

BioFach global analysis: organic industry continues upward trend

International_EN, Germany

28.11.2017 Editor

The global organic market is nearing USD 90bn in turnover and is developing in the right direction with excellent future prospects. The growth rates are particularly high in North America and northern Europe.The analysis of sales in the USA and European countries shows a double digit growth in 2016. A bright future awaits the organic industry, explains NurembergMesse the organiser of the BioFach, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food. The organic industry will next come together at the exhibition that takes place in Nuremberg from 14 to 17 February 2018.

Rapunzel founder honored as „Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017”

International_EN, Germany

23.11.2017 Editor

Rapunzel founder Josef Wilhelm was honored as „Entrepreneur of the Year 2017“. The award jury was particularly impressed by the social commitment of the organic food manufacturer from the Allgäu region and its worldwide activities with agricultural partners and suppliers.

Taifun: 30 years of tofu – everything revolves round the soya bean

International_EN, Germany

21.11.2017 Karin Heinze

Taifun 3 is the preliminary name of the newly developed soya variety. It is suited to growing in the European climate. Like other varieties, with which the Freiburg tofu specialist manufactures its products, it is the result of years of research in cooperation the University of  Hohenheim. During its 30-year history Taifun has never stood still and has long since become the market leader for organic tofu in Europe. In its big new building, that has created space for expansion and to meet the growing demand from home and abroad, tofu from 100% European soya beans is now coming off the production line (Video).

Germany: organically managed land expanded by nearly 15% in 2016

International_EN, Germany

07.11.2017 Leo Frühschütz

In 2016, organically managed land in Germany grew by around 162,000 hectares to 1.25 million hectares, which equates to a rise of almost 15% compared with 2015. This growth is divided equally between pasture and arable land. The federal states of Saxony and Bavaria saw the greatest expansion. The biggest areas of organically managed land as a proportion of the total agricultural land were to be found in the federal states of Saarland, Hesse and Brandenburg. Lower Saxony had the smallest share of organic land (3.4%).

Demand for new German government: safeguard GMO free products

International_EN, Germany

30.10.2017 Editor

Current seed evaluation shows that zero tolerance against GMOs works. Greenpeace, Bioland and IG Seed require to safeguard GMO free products.


Continuing success of international natural cosmetics markets

International_EN, Germany

17.10.2017 Karin Heinze

Not only in Germany but on the international stage too the trend in the natural and organic cosmetics industry continues to be very positive development. In the leading market in Europe, the German market, demand shows no sign of slowing. According to Naturkosmetik Verlag, about nine million consumers buy natural cosmetics several times a year and their purchasing behaviour caused turnover in the first half of this year to grow by around two percent.  The “Green & Clean” trend is to be seen everywhere in neighbouring countries with robust market development and also internationally. However, manufacturers and the trade are having to confront a number of challenges.

Germany: Munich Environmental Institute lodges disciplinary complaint against BfR-President

International_EN, Germany

13.10.2017 Editor

As the inconsistencies concerning the evaluation of the pesticide glyphosate are having serious repercussions, the Munich Environmental Institute (MEI) filed a disciplinary complaint against the President of the German Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR), Prof Dr Dr Andreas Hensel.

Illegal cultivation of GM soya: a threat to Mexican beekeepers

International_EN, Germany

10.10.2017 Editor

The illegal cultivation of GM soya beans in Mexico poses a threat to the livelihood of the indigenous Mayan beekeepers on the Yucatan peninsula. Mexican delegation seeks supporters in Germany – visit to Naturland.

Germany: 9.3 million vegetarians and vegans

International_EN, Germany

03.10.2017 Editor

On World Vegetarian Day the German the vegetarian association ProVeg (the former Vegetarierbund Deutschland) will provide an overview of current developments in the veggie movement.

 According to a survey 1.3 million people in Germany are vegans. Three years ago the figure was, according to ProVeg, only 900,000.

One World Award: most important 
for the global organic movement

International_EN, Germany

26.09.2017 Editor

Nearly 700 guests from all parts of the world came to Rapunzel´s headquarter for the One World Award gala. IFOAM Organics International praises the One World Award as most important award for the global organic movement. 

GfK Germany: specialised trade’s customers

International_EN, Germany

21.09.2017 Editor

Over the last ten years, the expenditure on organics as a proportion of total expenditure on food and beverages in Germany has almost  doubled. While average buyers discover organic products in conventional retail markets, specialised trade shops are mostly visited by one group of customers.

10th Natural Cosmetics Conference: Ensuring future success for the industry

International_EN, Germany

19.09.2017 Editor


September the 26-27 the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference will open its doors in Berlin for the anniversary edition. The Conference will be held for the 10th time and will provide information about current topics of the natural cosmetics industry, presenting and discussing these from a critical point of view.


Rapunzel’s „One World Award“ winners

International_EN, Germany

18.09.2017 Editor

On the 9th and 10th of September, Rapunzel’s One World Festival took place in Legau, Germany. As a part of the festival, Rapunzel Naturkost awarded five people with the One World Award (OWA). The prizes were handed over by Dr Gerd Müller, federal development minister, and Joseph Wilhelm, chief executive of Rapunzel.

Germany: organic agriculture gains importance in policy

International_EN, Germany

12.09.2017 Editor

Organic agriculture can play an important role in fighting hunger and in the adaptation of agriculture to climate change. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) therefore invests in the strengthening of organic agriculture in Africa.

Germany: vote on meat terminology for veggie products

International_EN, Germany

28.08.2017 Editor

Rissoles, bratwurst, cutlets or steak: In Germany, it is still allowed to describe vegan-vegetarian products just like their counterparts of animal origin – but only if the “Guideline on naming vegetarian and vegan food,” as formulated by a committee of experts, is included in the German Food Code (the legal foundation for food legislation in Germany). The guideline has been submitted to the various associations for discussion and a vote is underway.

BioTropic celebrates 20th anniversary

International_EN, Germany

25.08.2017 Editor

Apples, mangos, avocados and lemons: sourcing organic fruit from reliable suppliers – that was the idea of the founders of BioTropic- Hubert Bois Naturkost, Naturkost Elkershausen and Terra Naturkost. This year, BioTropic is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Germany: organic sales have grown in the first two quarters of 2017

International_EN, Germany

15.08.2017 Editor

During the first half of 2017, German households have bought more organic food items again. German customers have spent a total of 7.5 per cent more money on fresh organic groceries. Even the amount of sold products in general has grown by 6.1 per cent.

WALA – building for the future

International_EN, Germany

15.08.2017 Karin Heinze

A great deal has been packed into WALA's new laboratory building – far more than just the very latest analysis and environmental technology. The organically structured glass building in Bad Boll is sending out a signal. The objective of this manufacturer of medicines and natural cosmetics is to build a bridge to scientific research in order to create a joint approach to solving important medical issues, to research phytoactive agents and to develop new ideas. The company thinks long-term and is investing in the future. Get some impressions from Bad Boll from this video.

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