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EU Research Programme “Food 2030” – Opportunities for Organic Actors?

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18.04.2017 Kai Kreuzer

The focus of the fifth Science Day at BioFach in Nuremberg was on the opportunities and possibilities that intensification of research in the organic sector would bring. Taking part were around 50 members of the community engaged in research in organic agriculture and organic food. The major theme at the event was long-term strategies.

EFSA: how to secure its independence?

Know How, Food Quality

13.04.2017 Editor

Testbiotech criticises in a recent press release the newly drafted policy on the independence of the European Food Safety Authority

USA: Organics on the rise in US households

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10.04.2017 Editor

The Organic Trade Association has released data showing that organic products are now used in more than 80% of kitchens in US households.

Sweden: New sales record for the organic market

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14.03.2017 Karin Heinze

Organic food sales increased by 3.9 billion Swedish Krona (SEK) (€390m) to 25.4 billion SEK (€2.54 billion) in 2016. Organic food sales rose from 7.7 percent to 8.7 percent of the total food market, and online sales stand out with organic food sales now 25 percent of the market. The organic market has been growing for 20 consecutive years and is expected to double within the next 10-year period.

USA: organic recent research shows health and environmental benefits

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13.03.2017 Editor

The year 2016 yielded an impressive number of research projects of interest to the organic community, with studies coming out highlighting the environmental and health benefits of organic. 

Organic vs. local produce: Fruit importer Eosta argues for an informed purchasing decision

Know How, Regional Marketing

29.12.2016 Editor

Customers now prefer locally grown produce. Volkert Engelsman, managing director of Eosta, an international distributor of organic fruit and vegetables, advocates a differentiated approach to locally grown produce, as well as greater transparency.

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