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Ecovia: Blockchain to Build a Sustainable Food Industry?

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23.04.2018 Editor

Blockchain is taking off, with a growing number of food companies and retailers experimenting with this new technology. Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor) sees blockchain bringing many sustainability benefits to the food industry. This will be also topic at the Sustainable Food Summit in Amsterdam in June.

New research results: Environmental risks of genetic engineering plants underestimated

Know How, Research

19.04.2018 Editor

Research results from China show that plants made resistant to glyphosate by genetic engineering have a surprisingly high potential for uncontrolled spread.

Austria: Strong increase of organic farming in Tyrol

Know How, Regional Marketing

16.04.2018 Editor

Organic farming is growing steadily in the Tyrol region, Austria. Around 190 organic farms in areas ranging from milk production to vegetable cultivation have been added in the last two years.

Germany: Around 25% of market launches were organic in 2017

Know How, Statistics

12.04.2018 Editor

One quarter of all food and beverage products introduced in Germany in 2017 were organic. Furthermore, almost three quarters of consumers wish for an even greater choice of organic food and beverages at their place of purchase. This is what Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) has found out.

Study shows organic helps curb nitrogen pollution

Know How, Studies

04.04.2018 Editor

The US research organisiation The Organic Center recently released new research findings from the University of Virginia in collaboration with The Organic Center showing that organic farming can help reduce nitrogen pollution on a global scale.

China submits new maximum residue limits for pesticides in food to the WTO

Know How, Food Quality

03.04.2018 Editor

As we can see from the Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report by the American Department of Agriculture (USDA), the People's Republic of China has recently submitted an extensive list of pesticides with corresponding maximum residue limits (MRLs) to the the World Trade Organization (WTO). 

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