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Core Organic: Europe-wide research for organic farming continues

Know How, Research

17.08.2018 Editor

Fruit growing, animal husbandry, processing: European research into organic farming is being continued with the Core Organic Cofund programme. Seven of the eleven projects are funded by the German Government´s organic and sustainability programme BÖLN.

CRISPR is not free from risks

Know How, Studies

16.08.2018 Editor

Nature Biotechnology reported CRISPR could cause mutations and genetic damage. This new method of genetic engineering has been hyped as one of the most important breakthroughs in modern science. 

Spain: Specialised organic shops lost their power - but are reacting

Know How, Statistics

31.07.2018 Karin Heinze

According to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, organic sales in Spain increased by 12.52% in 2016 to a volume of €1.686 million. The market report by EcoLogical focused on the development of sales channels. The specialised and independent channel is undergoing a restructuring process.

PAN Europe: New report on alternatives to glyphosate published

Know How, Know How

31.07.2018 Editor

PAN Europe has published an updated edition of its report on alternatives to glyphosate as a contribution to the ongoing discussions among some EU member states on phasing out glyphosate and promoting alternatives.

France: Carrefour´s seed inititative „Forbidden Market“ successful

Know How, Food Quality

04.07.2018 Editor

Ninety per cent of the planet’s cultivable varieties have already died out in the 20th century, says FAO. The French retailer Carrefour joined producers in their fight to make fruit and vegetables grown from farmers' seeds available to consumers.

USA: USDA to ban meat and dairy names for plant-based products?

Know How, Regional Marketing

21.06.2018 Editor

The American meat and dairy industry requires the vegan food industry to stop using product names derived from animal food like ‘fillet’, ‘sausage’, ‘milk’ and ‘cheese’.

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