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Euromonitor released data of organic and free from market

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09.03.2017 Editor

According to a new research, foods and beverages offering health benefits, such as free-from and organic , drove sales in 2016 with around 7%.

Germany: The Good Food sells waste food only

Know How, Food Quality

28.02.2017 Editor

"The Good Food" offers waste food in two shops and on the market in Cologne. These are the first shops in Germany that sell only products that would otherwise have been destroyed as waste.

We are fed up with the agricultural industry!

Know How, Food Quality

24.01.2017 Editor

Under the motto "We are fed up with the agricultural industry!" 18,000 farmers and citizens demand a change in agricultural and nutrition policy. The alliance calls for a 9-point plan for animal, environment and climate change in agriculture.

NOSB does not allow Carrageenan any longer

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22.12.2016 Editor

Carrageenan has been removed from the list of approved ingredients in organic foods, the National Organic Standards Board decided recently. The controversial seaweed-derived substance is commonly used as an emulsifier in some food products.

EU organic farmers show red card to Brussels

Know How, Food Quality

08.12.2016 Editor

Organic farmers in Europe call for an end to the misguided negotiations on the organic regulation proposal that does not deliver a better regulation.

Nigeria: Agency warns against consumption of genetically-modified foods

Know How, Food Quality

06.12.2016 Editor

The National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) of Nigeria has warned the public of genetically-modified products that are on offer in some stores. None of the products has yet been approved for local and commercial consumption.

Criticism of Thailand's organic control

Know How, Food Quality

17.11.2016 Editor

The Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) of the EU audited a control organisation authorised to control organic imports from Thailand into the EU - and it was very critical of its work.

Ukraine: potential that ought to be exploited

Know How, Food Quality

15.11.2016 Karin Heinze

Ukraine is an important source of organic raw materials. Even after irregularities in recent years, some of a serious nature, nothing has changed regarding Ukraine as a sourcing country. There is potential and the new Ministry of Agriculture is working on closing gaps in the organic legislation, supporting organic farms and creating a corresponding infrastructure. However, many people feel the guidelines of the  EU Commission are a hindrance to trade. The guidelines were issued as a reaction to the scandals and apply until at least the end of this year. The two-day conference “Sourcing Organic from Ukraine” was conducive to constructive dialogue between representatives from Ukraine and representatives from politics and control organisations, importers and processors. (Video interviews)

Demand for organic milk in Germany keeps on rising

Know How, Food Quality

09.11.2016 Editor

Germans love to drink milk and they do this at an average of 54 liters per year. German consumers are also more willing to spend more money on their milk, with the assumption that quality and price go together.

Nestle with GMO free pasta in future?

Know How, Food Quality

02.11.2016 Editor

The US pasta and sauce brand Buitoni which is owned by Nestle announced to remove GM ingredients. The move was part of an ongoing effort to provide customers with good quality products they can trust, the company explains.

The battle between cheap food and organic farmers

Know How, Food Quality

25.10.2016 Editor

According to a recent poll by YouGov for 71 percent of British consumers, buying their food local is important.

Hard Discounters forced into sustainable food products

Know How, Food Quality

25.10.2016 Editor

Hard discounters like Lidl or Aldi are known for offering cheap products that have been exposed to chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Nonetheless, with the global increase of organic food consumption, these giants also seemed to be forced to switch more and more to sustainable products.

Supporting organic through transitional food

Know How, Food Quality

10.10.2016 Editor

The main issue for a farmer during the transitional period is that the land will be farmed according to the organic rules, so at a higher cost, but the harvest is sold at the conventional price. A new concept of “certified transitional” is about to emerge.

McDonald’s goes Cage Free

Know How, Food Quality

31.08.2016 Redaktion

50% of the whole McDonald’s menu consists of chicken and eggs. Steve Easterbrook, CEO at McDonald’s has now launched a 10-year plan to switch the whole production from caged to free-range hens.

Organophosphate pesticides hiding in food products

Know How, Food Quality

21.07.2016 Editor

In a landmark alliance, known as Project TENDR, leaders of various disciplines have come together in a consensus statement to say that many of the chemicals found in everyday products can result in neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism and attention-deficit disorders.

Whole Foods gets a warning for “seriously violations”

Know How, Food Quality

23.06.2016 Editor

The Food and Drug Administration sent a warning letter to Whole Foods co-CEOs John Mackey and Walter Robb about what the FDA called "serious violations" it found after inspecting a Whole Foods food preparation facility in Massachusetts.

Consumer ask for transparency

Know How, Food Quality

25.02.2016 Editor

Food stickers may say “Mexico” or “Colombia,” but those are big places, and labels like this don’t give much insight, says The Tech Crunch.

Caution: growth trap

Know How, Food Quality

14.02.2016 Horst Fiedler

The organic industry is at the parting of the ways: it either falls into the trap of a spiral of falling prices and quality or it masters the art of being the leader in terms of quality.

The feast for out-of-home catering

Know How, Food Quality

02.02.2016 Editor

BioFach is t h e place to go for organic-loving professional chefs. At the special show “cook + talk”, trade visitors will learn about the latest organic products for restaurants and communal catering.

Organic Cocoa Market prevision 2015-2025

Know How, Food Quality

27.01.2016 Editor

The certified organic cocoa market represents a very small share of the total cocoa market, estimated around 0.5% of total production.

Giant food corporations are controlling US-food supply

Know How, Food Quality

23.01.2016 Editor

The giant multibillion dollar agribusinesses are destroying the local and organic farms in America and replacing a huge portion of our food supply with factory farms that are based outside this country.


PAN, Anti-chemical group rejects most modern farm technology

Know How, Food Quality

22.01.2016 Editor

Pesticide Action Network North America (PAN North America), founded in 1984 in Oakland, California, is part of an international coalition of around 600 NGOs, citizens’ groups, and individuals in about 90 countries.

BioFach 2016: the feast for out-of-home catering

Know How, Food Quality

12.01.2016 Editor

BioFach, the World's leading Trade Fair for Organic Food which takes place from 10 to 13 February, is the top event and t h e place to go for organic-loving professional chefs.

Turkish control organization ETKO loses EU authorization

Know How, Food Quality

22.07.2015 Leo Frühschütz

With the Implementing Regulation 931/2015 the EU Commission removed the Turkish Control Organization ETKO from “The list of recognized control bodies for the purpose of equivalence”. It is unclear what consequences these decisions have for supplies of cereals and seed that were certified by ETKO and sent to the EU but have not yet been processed or consumed.

The Organic Effect

Know How, Food Quality


What happens when a family that usually doesn’t eat organic changes their diet?


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