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GfK Germany: specialised trade’s customers

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21.09.2017 Editor

Over the last ten years, the expenditure on organics as a proportion of total expenditure on food and beverages in Germany has almost  doubled. While average buyers discover organic products in conventional retail markets, specialised trade shops are mostly visited by one group of customers.

USA: price and authenticity still obstacles for organic

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30.08.2017 Editor

Mintel market research analysed in a recent report that 21% of the consumers agree that organic foods are worth the extra cost. Nearly 40% purchase half of their grocery organic.

USA: Export and Import balance

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18.08.2017 Editor

According to a report by the Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft – the Agricultural Market Information Company – the USA accounts for more than half the sales of organic products worldwide, and they are growing apace. As a consequence, the USA has become the biggest importer of organic food in the world, with organic making up a large proportion of the imports of particular products. The main US exports are fruit and vegetables.

Germany: organic land reaches record level

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26.07.2017 Editor

According to the latest data provided by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, organic farming in Germany experienced above-average growth in 2016.

Austria: 60% share of organics in gastronomy

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19.07.2017 Editor

The Austrian organic association Bio Austria is calling for a 60% share of organics in catering by 2025. The proportion of organic food in the offer of the catering sector is at present about 30 %.

Austria: Sonnentor's turnover up by 12%

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14.07.2017 Editor

In the financial year 2016/2017, the Austrian organic firm Sonnentor recorded an outstanding increase in sales of around 12 % and total turnover of 40.2 million euros.

Record organic sales in Italy

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12.07.2017 Editor

The AssoBio organic association recently presented Nielsen data on the trend of organic food sales in Italian supermarkets.

FiBL report on Voluntary Sustainability Standards

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12.07.2017 Editor

The new report "State of Sustainable Markets 2017: Statistics and Emerging Trends", covering 14 Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS), shows continued growth across all products and all standards. To strengthen the data collection efforts  FiBL signed a cooperation agreement with ISEAL Alliance.

Italy: posts new record in organic sales

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Nielsen data presented by the Italian Association for Organic Trade AssoBio show a very positive trend in the sale of organic food in Italian supermarkets. From January to April this year, total sales (food, drinks, pet food) increased by 3.7%, up from 0.5% in 2016. The share of organic food in the total food sales increased from 2% in 2013 to 3.4%. Italian consumer purchases in supermarkets have more than tripled since 2009. Also traditional specialized organic shops are growing. 83% of Italian households bought organic products in 2016.


Eco monitoring: everything super except superfoods

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06.07.2017 Editor

For 15 years eco monitoring has been carried out in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg in addition to the annual farm inspections by the organic control agencies. The programme is unique in Germany and Europe as a whole.

US-Bio-Markt setzt 47 Milliarden Dollar um

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Die Amerikaner kauften 2016 mehr Bio-Produkte denn je. Ende Mai veröffentlichte der amerikanische Bio-Handelsverband Organic Trade Association (OTA) die Jahresstatistik zum Bio-Markt, der neue Spitzenwerte verzeichnete: Die Umsätze mit Bio-Lebensmitteln überstiegen deutlich die 40-Milliarden-Dollar-Marke und erreichten 43 Milliarden US-Dollar. Auch im Non-Food-Bereich gab es mit 8,8 Prozent ein sattes Wachstum. Der Umsatz des Bio-Gesamtmarktes beläuft sich damit auf rund 47 Milliarden Dollar.

EU: new data for organic aquaculture

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21.06.2017 Editor

The Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission recently published market data for EU Organic Aquaculture.

Organic Milk Market Report 2017

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16.06.2017 Editor

The 2017 edition of the OMSCo Organic Milk Market Report highlights strong growth worldwide for organic dairy, driven by a common consumer focus on health and wellness.

Switzerland: record year for organics

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14.06.2017 Editor

In 2016 the 7.8 % growth of the Swiss organic market was three percentage points higher than growth in 2015. For 2017, a record number of conversions to organic are reported by the Swiss organic association Bio Suisse. 

Records in U.S. sales 2016 - the $40-billion mark is cracked

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End of May the Organic Trade Association OTA published its 2017 Organic Industry Survey at the Annual Policy Conference in Washington D.C.. The survey shows that total sales in 2016 increased to $47 billion US-Dollar. The robust American organic sector stayed on its upward trajectory in 2016, gaining new market share and shattering records, as consumers across the United States ate and used more organic products than ever before, explains OTA.

USA: organic frontrunners in east and west

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09.06.2017 Editor

The  east and west coasts in the United States have always been the country's organic strongholds. Especially in California, customers buy organic food more frequently than their counterparts in other federal states.

Italy: rising turnover of organic fruit and vegetables

Know How Statistics

09.06.2017 Editor

In 2016, per capita consumption of fruit and vegetables in Italy was 152 kg. Around 9 million tonnes were sold, with consumers opting increasingly for organic fruit and vegetables.

USA: Organics on the rise in US households

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10.04.2017 Editor

The Organic Trade Association has released data showing that organic products are now used in more than 80% of kitchens in US households.

Sweden: New sales record for the organic market

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Organic food sales increased by 3.9 billion Swedish Krona (SEK) (€390m) to 25.4 billion SEK (€2.54 billion) in 2016. Organic food sales rose from 7.7 percent to 8.7 percent of the total food market, and online sales stand out with organic food sales now 25 percent of the market. The organic market has been growing for 20 consecutive years and is expected to double within the next 10-year period.

Austria: 30 percent organic by 2025

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10.03.2017 Editor

Austria is continuing to play a pioneer role in Europe in terms of organic. The new target is organic management of 30% of its agricultural land by 2025.

Weleda: stable sales in 2016

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09.03.2017 Editor

For last year Weleda AG has reported consolidated provisional; turnover of 389.6 million euros. This stable year-end result is down to its sales of natural cosmetics.

Eosta CEO: “Not profit at any price!”

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03.03.2017 Editor

A recent pilot study on the true cost of food underlines that a conventional economic system does not pay in the long term, as it destroys the natural resources that we need to live. Volkert Engelsman, CEO of Eosta, has called upon the major food companies to question the economic system, with its pursuit of short-term profits, and finally adopt a sustainable approach.

US organic tea & coffee market with double digit growth

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01.03.2017 Editor

According to a TechSci Research report, "United States Organic Tea & Coffee Market the market of organic tea & coffee in the United States is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 13% during 2017-2022.

Switzerland: organically produced foods on the rise

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27.02.2017 Editor

With a per capita expenditure of about 260 euros, Switzerland is the worldwide leader. With sales of 2.1 billion euros, the organic market volume also grew by 5% in 2015.

Italy: organic export heavyweight

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24.02.2017 Editor

According to estimates by the Italian industry association AssoBio sales of organic products amounted to 4.2 billion euros in 2015.

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