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German specialist organic trade cracks 3 bn

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Evaluation of the figures from 20 wholesale companies in the German Organic Trade Association BNN reveals a rise in turnover of 11.4%. The turnover of the specialist organic trade increased in 2015 to €3.04bn.

Demand for organic beverages growing

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03.02.2016 Editor

According to market intelligence company Euromonitor, the off-trade current value sales of organic beverages in the United States grew by 4% in 2014.

Organic Valley reached $1 billion in sales for 2015

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02.02.2016 Editor

Organic Valley’s family of businesses have reached $1 billion in sales for 2015. The cooperative increased sales from $972 million in 2014.

Continuing growth of the natural and organic cosmetics market in Germany

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At the end of 2015, the role of natural and organic cosmetics as the driver of growth for the German cosmetics market was confirmed. According to the IKW the industry association for personal care products and detergents -  the turnover of cosmetics and toiletries in the German retail trade in 2015 came to about €13.4bn, an increase of 2.4 %.


European supermarkets increase the offer of organic products

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12.01.2016 Editor

Organic, responsible and sustainable products have come a great way during the past year. More supermarkets around the world has embraced organic culture and added sustainable products to their shelves.

Review of the Year 2015: Events, Developments, Trends and Numbers

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It’s been a good year for the organic industry: the turnover of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in Germany, on the European and international markets has grown continually. The area of organically farmed land and the number of organic farms have increased slightly in this Year of the Soil. Look back with us over the organic year in our review! 

Natural and organic cosmetics in Germany: again double-digit growth in 2015

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In all probability 2015 will be the year when the natural cosmetics sector will again experience double-digit growth in turnover. That was one of the results at the 8th Natural&Organic Cosmetics Conference on 6 and 7 October in Berlin.

Healthy development in the global organic market

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06.10.2015 Kai Kreuzer

Organic is continuing on its successful path and the global market is developing positively. BioFach has analysed the development of major organic markets in Europe and North America.


Organic market in France grows by 10 %

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29.07.2015 Kai Kreuzer

There is strong demand for organic food in France and the market is continually growing. In 2014, turnover grew by 10 % compared with 2013 and amounted to five billion euros (Germany 7.8 billion euros). Per capita expenditure in France was 75 euros and the equivalent figure in Germany was 95 euros.

More farmers going organic in Ireland

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26.06.2015 Redaktion

The organic farming scheme proposed by the Irish government has seen a major surge in applications with the vast majority of applicants converting to organic farming for the first time.

Italy: More and more families buy organics

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18,4 million Italian families are buying organic products now

Organic food combines sustainability and quality

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Experts from the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) have explored different aspects of the quality and sustainability of organic and conventional food in a new dossier.

USDA announces record number of organic producers

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced that the organic industry continues to show remarkable growth.

USA: Organic sales jump 11% to US$39 billion

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Sales of organic food and non-food products in the United States broke through another record in 2014, totaling US$39.1 billion.

The Current State of the Organic Market in China

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According to the Report, organic food sales reached 10.5 billion yuan in 2007 in China and were estimated to be around 20-30 billion yuan (about 3-5 billion US$) in 2013. 2.722 million hectares of agricultural land were managed organically to China’s national organic standard.


The World of Organic Agriculture

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The 2015 edition of The World of Organic Agriculture - Statistics and Emerging Trends was published by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM.

New report by the Fairtrade Foundation - Sugar Crash

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The Fairtrade Foundation has just published their report Sugar Crash - How EU Reform is endangering the livelihoods of small farmers.

Germany: natural and organic cosmetics exceeding the billion mark

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Last year, natural cosmetics for the first time generated (€1.009bn). This represents growth of 10 % for the entire natural and organic cosmetics market and a market share of 7.8 %.

Fairtrade sales and new commitments in the UK

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The estimated retail value of sales of Fairtrade products were £1.67 billion (about €2.26 billion) in 2014, down 3.7% year-on-year.

Organic milk sales surging in the USA

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The US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA AMS) reports that total organic milk products sales were at 210 million pounds in December 2014, up 5.7% from December 2013 and up 9.2% for 2014 compared with 2013.

Tutorial on the use of the OrMaCode

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The project Data Network for Better European Organic Market Information - OrganicDataNetwork - aims to increase the transparency of the European organic food market.

Netherlands: organic exports increase by 11 %

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Organic exports from the Netherlands increased by 11%, up from 826 million euros in 2013 to 938 million euros in 2014.

Organic growth continues on the global level

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The latest global data on organic farming has been presented by IFOAM – Organics International and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at the BioFach fair 2015 in Nuremberg. The global organic market increased to 72 billion US Dollars, organic agricultural land worldwide is 43 million hectares.

German organic market grows to 7.91billion euros

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According to the calculations of the organization “Arbeitskreis Biomarkt”*, in 2014 turnover of organic food and beverages rose by 4.8 %, and the total market volume increased to €7.91bn (2013: €7.55bn).



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