Ritter Sport: "sustainability " more important than organic

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27.06.2017 Kai Kreuzer

Ritter Sport likes to parade its green image. This German chocolate manufacturer does have an organic line in its product range, but it's not doing so well. Four years ago, Ritter wanted to withdraw from its organic business and convert to “sustainable raw materials”, although it didn't carry through its intention. Now, however, the decision has obviously been made. The company is demanding that 3,500 cocoa farmers in Nicaragua acquire UTZ or Fairtrade certification, which in effect will put an end to organic cropping on these farms.

Organic Processing and Trade Association “OPTA” established

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13.06.2017 Editor

The Organic Processing and Trade Association (OPTA) was founded in Milano on June 7th 2017 by active processors and traders working toward an organic sustainable food system in Europe.

New plant varieties needed

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23.05.2017 Jochen Bettzieche

While in southern Bavaria frost and snow at the end of April caused the fruit blossom to freeze, farmers in other regions in Germany were moaning about drought. And that's just the start – coming down the line is climate change and it's imperative that the food industry adjusts to what is on the way.

Tyrol/Austria: Growth of a brand

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20.05.2017 Redaktion

The local daily paper, the Tyroler Tageszeitung, reported recently that in 2016 the organic brand Bio vom Berg (Organic from the Mountains) generated sales worth 8.7 million euros, a sharp rise compared with the previous year.

USA: Chinese company wants Stonyfield Farm

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17.05.2017 Redaktion

The Post reports that  China’s largest dairy is in talks to buy America’s No. 1 organic yogurt company, Stonyfield Farm – a company with a strong reputation for sourcing milk in the north-east and making quality products.

A gap in fair trade

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16.05.2017 Jochen Bettzieche

On the high seas fair working conditions are not always adhered to. In the cargo of transport ships there may be a container with fair trade goods and, given the working conditions, they can no longer be called fair. For a number of years two seafarer unions have wanted to introduce a fair transport logo. The response has been lukewarm.

Recall: Plastic found in organic sausages

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11.05.2017 Redaktion

Perdue Food has recalled organic Italian Chicken Sausages with a use by date of June 25, 2017.

Austria: organic manufacturers focus on regional marketing

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11.04.2017 Kai Kreuzer

Sonnentor and Zotter are two Austrian wholefood manufacturers that have made a name for themselves at home and abroad and it's quite possible there will be others too, because the number of organic manufacturers in Austria is growing continuously as the organic share in total food sales rises.

Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2017: Winners Announced

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08.04.2017 Redaktion

The winners of the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2017 were announced on the last day of the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show.

UK: Natural and Organic Products Europe 2017

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05.04.2017 Editor

The organic sector in the UK is thriving. That's just one of the findings in the Soil Association's latest Organic Report that tells us that the organic sector, with an increase in sales of 7.1% in 2016, is now worth more than 2 billion pounds annually.

Tea Promoters India: organic future for Darjeeling

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28.02.2017 Karin Heinze

Darjeeling, a region in the Himalayas, is synonymous with good tea. During the colonial era the British introduced tea growing and Darjeeling became famous for its tea. Today, tea still determines the work and lives of the people in the towns and villages in the mountains of West-Bengal on the border with Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. But now, contemporary approaches to tea cropping are called for. Organic, fairtrade and sustainability are for the company Tea Promoters India just some of the strategies for taking Darjeeling forward to an organic future (video).

Rapunzel buys Zwergenwiese - German brands join forces

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07.02.2017 Editor

With effect from 28 February, the German organic company Rapunzel Naturkost has acquired the organic manufacturer Zwergenwiese Naturkost GmbH. Zwergenwiese will continue to be an independent company in its present location.

Wessanen buys Spanish organic food company

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25.01.2017 Editor

The Dutch food company Royal Wessanen bought a manufacturer and distributor of organic brands in Spain for €67m.

Danone´s reasons to go organic

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18.01.2017 Editor

Danone’s CEO Emmanuel Faber suggests obesity, malnutrition and declining soil health are reasons to go organic

India: promising development of the domestic market

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10.01.2017 Karin Heinze

The positive development on the Indian domestic market and the continuing professionalisation of companies were apparent  once again at BioFach India / India Organic. The trade fair brought together 177 exhibitors and over 3,700 visitors. Many companies are no longer relying just on exporting but are now happy to turn their attention to the promising home market. Market actors are convinced the domestic market will continue to grow rapidly. The reasons are the expanding middle class and the increasing awareness of health. Watch the video interviews

ChemChina further extended takeover offer to Syngenta

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29.12.2016 Editor

The absence of regulatory approvals has forced the Chinese chemical company ChemChina to extend its takeover offer to the Swiss seed and crop protection company Syngenta once more.

Organic textiles: 50 companies certified to GOTS in the U.S.

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14.12.2016 Editor

Ramblers Way Farm, Inc. of Kennebunk, Maine, manufacturer of garments made from GOTS certified organic wool, has become the fiftieth company to be added to the GOTS public database for the United States.

Food knowledge in danger of extinction

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18.11.2016 Editor

To Chinese the food culture is crucial. It has existed for centuries and has an important place in their daily life. Nevertheless Chinese have never taken a real interest into the origin of their food.

The Syngenta Blackbook

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18.11.2016 Editor

Syngenta is besides Monsanto an example of big chemical companies that pollute environment and try to control the food supply. The Swiss corporation is the largest pesticide producer in the world.

Ukraine: potential that ought to be exploited

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15.11.2016 Karin Heinze

Ukraine is an important source of organic raw materials. Even after irregularities in recent years, some of a serious nature, nothing has changed regarding Ukraine as a sourcing country. There is potential and the new Ministry of Agriculture is working on closing gaps in the organic legislation, supporting organic farms and creating a corresponding infrastructure. However, many people feel the guidelines of the  EU Commission are a hindrance to trade. The guidelines were issued as a reaction to the scandals and apply until at least the end of this year. The two-day conference “Sourcing Organic from Ukraine” was conducive to constructive dialogue between representatives from Ukraine and representatives from politics and control organisations, importers and processors. (Video interviews)

Indian Start-up Exports Organic Produce to Germany

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14.11.2016 Editor

Germany should get more organic food imports from India. The Bangalore start-up back2basics should be become a frequent supplier for Germany. The startup was founded when corporate executive, S Madhusudhan, turned farmer.

Nestle with GMO free pasta in future?

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02.11.2016 Editor

The US pasta and sauce brand Buitoni which is owned by Nestle announced to remove GM ingredients. The move was part of an ongoing effort to provide customers with good quality products they can trust, the company explains.

Koppert partners with Lantmännen BioAgri

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28.10.2016 Editor

Koppert and Lantmännen BioAgri have agreed on the acquisition of the assets of BioAgri’s microbial products, registrations and IP by Koppert. Koppert will expand its seed treatment capabilities.

Bayer-Monsanto and the Concerned Organizations

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20.10.2016 Editor

The Bayer-Monsanto deal has many people worried worldwide. Over 780,000 signatures were submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice in order to warn elected officials about the threat that this company merger could pose to worldwide agriculture.

Showcase projects: organic tea in China

Manufactures, Manufacturers

18.10.2016 Karin Heinze

In China quite a lot of entrepreneurs see the future of tea growing in general and the future of their own companies in the organic sector. Trading organic teas is still mostly dominated by exporting but they are working on innovative concepts in order to open up the domestic market in China. Three examples from classic tea cultivation regions in the south of China illustrate this development. The report and the video take us to the Hangzhou region and the mountainous Yunnan province, the cradle of the tea culture. The video shows various organic tea gardens, harvesting, processing and also an interview with the founder of the firm Dongzhai.

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