BASF halts development of GM products in Europe

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Germany-based BASF will stop developing new products targeting the European market exclusively due to the persistent wariness towards GMOs in Europe, Europolitics reports. The company has announced that it plans to re-focus its activities in the sector on more receptive regions, such as the USA. “We are convinced that ‘green’ biotechnologies are crucial for the 21st century. But they are not accepted enough in many parts of Europe by the majority of consumers, farmers and political leaders,” Stefan Marcinowski, member of BASF’s management in charge of GMOs, states. “That is why it does not make sense economically to continue to invest in products aimed exclusively at this market”.

“This is a business choice and we take note,” the spokesman for Health and Consumer Affairs Commissioner John Dalli comments, continuing that the Commission reached the same conclusion as BASF on the rejection of GMOs. Greenpeace calls this “a victory for consumers” and a “step towards the development of safe biotechnologies”. Friends of the Earth Europe echo that view: “This is another nail in the coffin for genetically modified foods in Europe. No one wants to eat them and few farmers want to grow them.”


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