UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visits Biovision project

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During his stay in Addis Ababa for the African Union summit, Ban Ki-moon, his wife Yoo Soon-taek and a UN senior delegation visited the organic farm and the Yeha institute of BEA. The visit was focused on the use of integrated bio-economy system for climate change mitigation and sustainable livelihood in Africa.

Dr. Getachew Tikubet (on the right), Biovision project-leader and president of BEA, said they felt very honoured that Ban Ki-moon visited their farm. This recognition showed that organic farming was essential for a sustainable development of Ethiopia and whole Africa. Ethopia has been one of the countries most focused on by Biovision since 2001. BEA is the main project partner in implementing organic methods in agriculture and in the sustainable use of land. The Swiss foundation Biovision fights against poverty and hunger by getting to the root of the problem.



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