Brazil: increasing export of organic products

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Brazil’s producers of organic goods have been expanding their position on the domestic market and have also gained space abroad. Between August 2006 and September 2008, Brazil exported 37,000 tons of organic products. The Netherlands  purchased the highest share of those products (32 %), followed by Sweden (15 %), and the United States and the United Kingdom (12 % and 7 %) respectively. (Picture: BioFach América Latina)

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, exports of organic products amounted to US $ 12 million in 2007. From January to September 2008, this figure reached about US $ 10 million. "There is a foreign market interest in importing soy and its derivatives,", the acting coordinator of Agroecology at the ministry, Tereza Christina Saminez said. “Soy was responsible for the highest increase in production and exports of organic products." Figures by the ministry showed that over 13,000 producers were working according to organic guidelines in 2008.


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