CORE Organic II call launched

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CORE Organic is the acronym for "Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems". As an ERA-NET  action, it intends to increase cooperation between national research activities. CORE Organic II succeeded CORE Organic I with an extended partnership of 26 partners in 21 countries. The first CORE Organic II call for research proposals, which was launched on 1 September 2010 has successfully been conducted. Eleven projects were selected for funding, two of them already started in September 2011.

The overall objective of CORE Organic II is to enhance quality, relevance and utilization of resources in European research in organic food and farming and to establish a joint pool for financing transnational research in organic food and farming. The specific objectives of the CORE Organic II network are to increase exchange of information and expertise and to coordinate existing research. The background for these objectives is that the public European research and development effort in organic food and farming is characterized by small research communities, often scattered and fragmented both geographically and institutionally. This generates a need for gathering the dispersed expertise into a critical mass, to maintain and increase the competitive quality and relevance of research.

CORE Organic II is launching a  second transnational joint call for research project proposals based on funds from participating countries. Thanks to the agreement of the partners on common prioritized research areas, the CORE Organic II network will enable a better use of research funding whereas the human resources as well as research facilities will be complementary and more effectively utilized.

Research project consortia should apply to one of the two thematic research areas (Plant breeding or Organic markets). The pre-proposals should be structured around (one or more) sub-topics listed under each of the thematic research areas:

(1) Plant-breeding  - Improvement of production efficiency and agricultural biodiversity within cropping systems by using eco-compatible breeding techniques

(2) Supporting the development of organic markets

The call announcement including a guidance is available at the CORE Organic II website. The pre-proposal application has to be filled in and submitted via the call submission website. Pre-proposals must be submitted by 16 January 2012, 13.00 CET.

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