China: Now Organic - supplier for frozen, dried and canned products

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Now Agriculture Ltd. was registered as a Dutch and Chinese joint venture in Dalian, China in 2004. Now Import & Distribution has a major share in this joint venture and was established by Pasterkamp Beheer B.V. and Rob van Baal. Partner of Now Import & Distribution is Bai Guo Shu Food Ltd., which is owned by Mr. Paul Liu (Liu Huan Xin). The company is supplier of organic frozen fruits and vegetables, which are cultivated on their own fields, processed, and exported. Now provides international standard quality organic products to the world markets, while educating and offering new market possibilities for local farmers around. “And as of today, we have over 80 ha of organic land, producing upwards of 900 mt of certified organic products a year. Additionally, we are contracting and converting more land into organics every year”, says Rob van Baal, the Dutch CEO of Now.

Through the past experience with other organic companies, a broad network of contract farmers and suppliers could be built. This allows a constant quality together with competitive prices for the desired products. “We are active with our project “Now” every day: Fresh ideas, new developments and progress on the initial plans,” says Rob van Baal, who is very content. Since BioFach in Nuremberg, the product line has been growing tremendously.  

Currently Now offers fruits as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, black currant, lingonberries, rosehip, peach, apricots, apples, sea buckthorn, and more. Also vegetables like green beans, edamame (soybeans), broccoli, onions and pumpkins are sold. Many products are harvested wild, and products are cultivated and processed /frozen in the Now IQF factory. The new factory is under construction and Now hopes to finish it by the end of the year. So next year there will be a much larger, new and innovative product range including fresh, IQF/frozen, dried, and canned products. These products are both certified organic and climate neutral. Now works closely with the farmers to support and improve their incomes and life standard. “We are particularly excited about the training programs that are being implemented for local farmers and their families. In fact, I believe we are actually fulfilling mandates set by the UN for improving the lives of not only people in rural China, but in particular empowering women with a strong educational base, skills upgrades and, of course, monetary benefits,” explains van Baal. For additional information, please check Now Organic 


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