First Nordic Organic Conference

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The first Nordic Organic Conference is a joint Nordic effort with focus on research and development of organic and sustainable food production and consumption. It will take place in the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Gothenburg from May 18 to 20, 2009.  Together with the conference, the exhibition EkoNord will be arranged for the first time. This organic food fair is part of Interfood ( It will be the largest gathering of organic producers and processors in Scandinavia. Besides the plenary sessions on Monday and Tuesday, there are five parallel lines with three sessions each. Over one hundred lectures will take place in three days. In the first plenary session Will Steffen (picture),  head of Climate Change Institute of the Australian National University, will give his picture of how we impact the earth and the global eco system.

Jonathan Banks, Business Insight Director from Nielsen, will give a fresh report on what happens in the consumer market in Scandinavia and Europe. In the same session, Jean-François Hulot of the European Commission will talk about their campaign and labelling of organic production. Dorte Ruge will talk about two Danish school projects to inspire greater use and awareness of organic food. Gun Roos is a Swedish/Finnish researcher who works in the European project iPOPY  in Norway and is therefore a perfect representative of the Nordic conference. Pär Larshans (picture) from Max Hamburger Resturanger AB, who was appointed to the green capitalist in 2008 by a Swedish business magazine, talks about how they have worked to add care of the planet to their brand. Mansoor Nadir, Association of African Organic Exporters (AFROEX), will talk about organic agriculture in East Africa, benefits for smallhold farmers, achievements and challenges. There will be workshops and a study tour on Wednesday.

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