EU Ecolabel for food and feed products - feasibility study

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The EU Ecolabel scheme has developed criteria for products in the non-food sector. The regulation that governs the scheme (66/2010) aims to extend the EU Ecolabel into new product categories including food. However, the regulation stipulates that before extending to the food sector, a feasibility study should be undertaken.

This feasibility study has three objectives:

1. To assess the feasibility of establishing reliable EU Ecolabel criteria covering the environmental performance of food, feed and drinks products throughout their whole lifecycle.  
2. To assess the impact and the added value of establishing these EU Ecolabel criteria and implementing the scheme in the various sectors, and the impact this could have on organically certified products (including the risk of consumer confusion).  
3. To evaluate the option of limiting the scope of the EU Ecolabel for food, feed and drink products to organically certified products only.

The study has been undertaken by a consortium of three organisations led by Oakdene Hollins together with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and the University of  Göttingen. The full study is available here

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