Estonia: Organic production still increasing

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Organic farming is still on the increase in Estonia, ERR News reports. Estonian Organic Agriculture Foundation founder Merit Mikk explained that 130,000 hectares of land were dedicated to organic agriculture in the country in 2010, and 1,400 producers were certified according to organic guidelines. In 2009, 102,767 hectares of land were managed organically, as well as well as 1276 farms. The amount of processed products, however, was still small in the country. It is expected that the trend of 100 to 150 new organic producers each year will continue. (Source: Organic Farming in Estonia 2009)

Organic products are present in the organic sections of the major large stores in Estonia. They have been effected by the rising food prices, but customers have stayed loyal. Estonian consumers prefer domestic organic products.Perishable products such as raw organic milk and eggs are regularly available in the larger cities. There are gaps in the range of products, however: organic chicken, for example, is practically non-existent.  (Picture: Saidafarm in Estonia)


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