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Keep Pioneer's GM maize from European fields

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The ministers of all EU countries will decide whether Pioneer's GM maize with the technical name 1507 will be allowed to be grown in Europe. Immediate action is needed to avoid the cultivation of this maize. 

There are many problems with Pioneer’s GM maize that produces its own insecticides. It could pose risks to butterflies and moths and there has been no research on its impacts to other beneficial insects such as bees and other pollinators. Additionally, the maize is tolerant to a glufosinate-based powerful weedkiller - such as Liberty - which is classified as highly toxic by the EU, Stop the Crop reports. Contrary to EU rules, the required safety assessment linked to the use of this weedkiller has not been done. More background information about Pioneer's maize 1507 is available from Friends of the Earth Europe.

Stop the Crop are asking to write to key countries to help stop this GM maize. These are countries whose opinion matters most in the outcome. A list of minister is available here. Each of the links leads to a form that can be filled in and will be supplied to the ministries. So far, the list includes the governments of Denmark, Belgian, Bulgaria, Malta, Italy, the Netherlands, Croatia, Sweden, Poland and Germany. More countries will be added shortly.

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