Gary Zimmer tours Australia

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Gary Zimmer, US consultant and best selling author of “The Biological Farmer” will tour Australia. He will be presenting in six regional locations in six different Australian states with the BFA Roadshow in October this year. Recently interviewed by reporter Tim Lee in a two-part ABC Landline story, Gary Zimmer was described as “a world leading exponent and educator on biological farming.” Talking on Landline about the impact of biological farming methods, Mr Zimmer stated, “...we've seen 50 % increases in yields on a lot of our crops in the United States and we get it with a lot less input.”

With the current boom in biological farming, the roadshows are a great and inexpensive opportunity for all those working in the agricultural industries to learn more about biological production methods and hear a world renowned expert share his knowledge. The 2011 BFA Roadshows will be held in October in Mullumbimby New South Wales, Stanthorpe Queensland (Wed 5/10), Labertouche Victoria, Hobart Tasmania, Strathalbyn South Australia and Perth Western Australia. More details, bookings and further information on biological production is available at BFA's website.






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