Poland: Ecological Gelati Guiseppe moves to Gdynia

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Gelati Guiseppe has just moved to their new premises in Gydania (near Gdansk). The company runs a successful business in Poland, offering a wide range of ecological, vegan ice cream. Gelato Guiseppe will also start delivery to the German vegan supermarket Veganz in spring, the range of which is also mainly organic (we reported earlier). Further deliveries might also go to the UK.

Gelati Giuseppe was established in Sopot, Poland in 2009 and  was the winner of the Vegan Society Awards 2011 for “Best Vegan Society Trademarked Food Products”. The ice cream parlour is a fully-functional artisan production facility open to end consumers, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and other ice cream parlours in various towns in Poland. The Italian craftsman responsible for the recipes and the production is Giuseppe Lamandini, selling his unique ice cream to health-conscious customers preferring a diet that is free from animal products. Instead of white sugar, xylitol (birch sugar from Finland) is used, as well as organic unrefined cane sugar and raw, organic agave nectar. The flavours range from traditional to the unusual.

Wherever possible and available, organic ingredients are used. So far, the company has not applied for organic certification, but it is one of their further goals. Flavours that use organic ingredients include: coconut, hazelnut, lemon with spirulina, marzipan, pine nuts, pistachio, plant cream, vanilla, halva, tofu with black currant and a new flavor (a paste of almond with entire hazelnut and chocolate). Ice cream that is also made from organic ingredients and uses fairtrade raw materials is chocolate (with fair trade cacao), coffee (with fair trade coffee) gianduia (with fair trade cacao) and gula java (with fair trade gula java).  Carrot and beetroot, as well as strawberry in the season, will become organic, too. All ice cream that is not produced with organic ingredients exclusively is made with natural ingredients, since it is still difficult to get all products in an organic version in Poland. Organic, fairtrade bananas, for example, are only very hard to get in the country.

Giuseppe is not ready to compromise on the quality. He believes that he should only sell what he eats himself. Even though his high-quality ingredients are much more expensive than the ingredients used in industrial ice cream (for example, a liter of conventional milk costs less than 1 pln, and his soy drink costs 6 pln per liter), he sells his healthy gelato at a premium of only 40 %.

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