Sustainable floral fashion at H & M

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H & M will launch its romantic garden collection, made using organic and recycled materials, in March 2010. All garments have been produced using sustainable materials or recycled PET bottles or textile waste. The floral looks are inspired by chlorophyll-green gardens, sundrenched landscapes and 70s hippie flower-power.

The collection includes a feminine chiffon dress made from recycled polyester with a garden print, a pinafore dress in organic cotton with  roses and a smock dress in organic cotton with an ethnic floral pattern, for example. An organic cotton top in a  floral design and a chiffon top made from recycled polyester are also available, as well as cropped trousers or shorts in organic cotton and/or linen. A beige anorak and a floral jumpsuit both come in tencel. (Picture: H & M)

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