India: ICCOA introduces Certificate Program in Organic Agriculture

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The International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture in India (ICCOA) is introducing a new Certificate Program in Organic Agriculture. The program is a vocational course of six months duration and successful completion of this course will lead to placements in companies and organizations that implement projects on Organic Adoption and Group Certification. The participants / students will be provided hands-on trainings in implementing such projects for getting farmer-clusters certified and linked to markets, ICCOA reports.

The batch starts in July 2011 and completes in the end of December 2011. It is an opportunity for learning the most advanced knowledge and practical skills in organic, sustainable and holistic management of organic systems of crop production, certification, and marketing. It will train the participants in gaining a deep understanding of a wide range of organic agriculture techniques, including soil improvement, organic methods of disease and pest control, preparing and developing marketing and market-linkage plans. More information is available here




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