Global Accountability Report ranks IFOAM Number One

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The Global Accountability Report 2008 assessed 30 leading intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and global corporations, including UNICEF, the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO), the International Olympic Committee, Unilever, and Carrefour. The One World Trust’s Global Accountability Framework identifies four dimensions of accountability - transparency, participation, evaluation, and complaints and response.

IFOAM was the highest ranking NGO as well as the top performer overall. “IFOAM should be congratulated for topping this year's sample of 30 global organizations,” said Robert Lloyd, project leader and lead author for the Global Accountability Report. “The standards it sets on organic agriculture affect consumers and producers around the world; and it is crucial that they are developed through a consultative and transparent process. Our assessment of IFOAM's accountability capabilities has indicated that they are up to the task.” Scoring particularly high in the transparency and participation dimensions, IFOAM’s ranking reflects its emphasis on empowering all its members and also non-member stakeholders. IFOAM received a score of 100 % for its policy on stakeholder engagement and has the best-developed external stakeholder engagement capabilities across all the 30 organizations.

“The culture of accountability is rooted in IFOAM’s history and its mission, which is to lead, unite, and serve the Organic Agriculture movement in its full diversity,” said Katherine DiMatteo, President of IFOAM. “Not only does the 2008 Global Accountability Report reinforce IFOAM’s current achievements in accountability as noted in the report, but also it will inspire and guide us toward even greater accountability based on the achievements of other innovative organizations."


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