IFOAM EU on new EU logo for organic products

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The IFOAM EU Group notes the result of the logo competition announced by the Commission. The sector is eased that the only option considered by the sector to be realistically operable was announced as the winning logo. However, it lays on the Commission to ensure that the logo meets minimum requirements for graphical communication and that the sector is provided with clear rules in time for the usage of the logo. “Nevertheless, the job is not yet finished”, states Christopher Stopes, President of the IFOAM EU Group. “The success of the logo depends strongly on the application of technical adjustments to the logo: It is important that the sector will have a logo with a ‘seal’ character and that the Commission takes a critical look at the logo from a graphical design perspective and adjusts the logo so that it meets standard communicative criteria regarding graphical quality, size, and where and in which form the logo should be placed on packaging.”

The legal act, laying down the implementation of the logo, is still to be published and needs to be accordingly amended. “It is of outmost importance that the implementing rules for the logo are published latest by the end of February, to give the sector practical guidelines and legal security for how the logo should be used. Before these rules are known, the sector cannot implement the logo”, adds Marco Schlüter, Director of the IFOAM EU Group. “The time line is tight and we cross our fingers that the requirements will be known before end of February to enable operators to meet the July deadline for new products to be suitably labelled.” It is also important that a sufficient promotion budget is ensured, in order to help the new logo on the way to consumers’ awareness. A logo that no-one knows is worthless to the organic sector, according to IFOAM EU Group.



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