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IFOAM and FiBL: Global organic agriculture continues to grow

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IFOAM and FiBL presented the results of a study titled “The World of Organic Agriculture: Statistics and Emerging Trends 2009” at BioFach. 32.2 million hectares are certified according to organic standards (data as at the end of 2007). “Compared to the data of the previous survey, 1.5 million hectares more were reported”, says Helga Willer of FiBL. “At the level of the geographical regions, growth was strongest in Latin America and Africa.”

With its vast grazing lands, Australia continues to account for the largest certified organic surface area, 12 million hectares, followed by Argentina (2.8 million hectares), and Brazil (1.8 million hectares). The greatest share of the global organic surface area is in Oceania (37.6 %), followed by Europe (24.1 %) and Latin America (19.9 %). In terms of certified land under organic management as a proportion of national agricultural area, the Alpine countries, such as Austria (13.4 %) and Switzerland (11 %), top the statistics. The global market for organic products reached a value of over 46 billion $ in 2007, with the vast majority of products being consumed in North America and Europe, according to Organic Monitor. 
In addition to the chapter on organic agriculture worldwide, the book contains completely revised reports about the emerging trends in the geographical regions as well as background information on issues like standards and legislation, food security or the activities of UN organizations. The study includes comprehensive data sets and numerous illustrations and graphs. Further data are available at the newly launched homepage.

Graph Organic Agriculture Worldwide 2007 by IFOAM and FiBL



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