Italian wholesaler Ecor opens Ariele market

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The leading Italian wholesaler Ecor ( turnover in 2009: 113 million €), based in San Vendemiano, Veneto, opened its largest organic supermarket in Conegliano in September 2009. The new Ariele market offers about 5000 products on 800 m², on a central place in the city, easy to reach by car, bus and by foot. Two other smaller Ariele shops in town were closed.

The modern supermarket is based on the proven concept of the B'io shops, which aims at consumers having barriers to enter an organic supermarket, and enables them to buy completely organic. The wide assortment of fruit and vegetables, fresh food, convenience and dairy products, as well as non-food items like natural cosmetics and a drugstore, invite consumers to enter the supermarket. Large windows on the front, a location of great transition and ample parking are characteristic elements. Accent lighting communicates the emotional aspects related to the products. Four people employed full time and four people part-time are responsible for a competent service. Furniture is simple but ecological.

At present, there is neither a bar or a restaurant. “Ariele wants to focus on the sale of products, being located in a commercial position better suited for shopping than for consumption. But that does not exclude the idea of extending the service to the catering-type fast”, says B'io spokesperson Renzo Vudafieri. B'io and Ecor are both brands of the EcorNaturasì Group.

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