Italy: Latest figures of the organic sector

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The Chamber of Commerce of Milan has revealed some figures of Biobank, which confirm Italy’s dominance in the organic sector. With 1.1 million hectares, Italy continues to be the most important country for organic cultivation in Europe and is the fifth in the world after Australia, China, Argentina and the United States of America. Italy holds the first place for producers (27 %of the total), and for the area dedicated to cereals (28.7 %), vegetables (37.4 %), grapes (46.9 %), wheat (52.6 %), olives (41 %) and for citrus fruits (80 %), reports Greenplanet.

Italy - together with Spain - is the most important organic producer of fruit and vegetables, with 23.8 million tonnes of fruit, vegetables and citrus fruits produced in 2007 – a plus of 1.1 % on 2006, and a turnover of 22.8 billion Euros. Italians spend an average of 25 € per capita on organic products every year, after the Swiss (105 €), the Danish (51 €) and the Swedish (47 €). Most of the 638 school cafeterias in the country working according to organic standards can be found in Emilia Romagna.

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