BioFach Japan 2009

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From 7th to 9th October 2009 BioFach Japan will be inviting the organic products sector to Tokyo for the ninth time. The best opportunity to get to know the market is offered by BioFach Japan and its parallel event, Natural Expo, at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre. Japan is regarded as a premium market. The broad, well-off middle-class enjoys purchasing brand products and treats itself to luxury items from time to time. Western goods enjoy a high status. Health is right at the top of priorities. Market experts are therefore certain: the interest in high-quality organic food and non-essential provisions, exquisite cosmetics and clothing in environmentally-friendly natural materials will continue even in times of economic recession.

In 1990 the Non-Profit organization Japan Organic Cotton Association, JOCA, was founded in Japan. Today it has around 150 members, certifies and issues a corresponding label, whilst also supporting sales and marketing. At BioFach 2008 this was reflected for the first time in a special exhibition section: in the Cotton Street, 15 companies presented themselves and their products. Following the successful premiere, the special exhibition section will enter its second phase in 2009. Natural personal care is already being presented as a further key Non-Food segment at BioFach Japan for the second time in a special section. Asia is one of the international dream regions for natural personal care companies as demand is booming. The Organic Wine Pavilion, which in 2009 will already be held in its third edition, enables Japanese wine connoisseurs to immerse themselves in the world of organic wine enjoyment.

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