Natural Beauty Summit America

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The global natural care market reached a volume of US$ 23.1 billion in 2010, up from US$ 20.1billion in 2009, according to Kline’s Global Natural Care Market Report. Like any emerging growth industry, the natural care beauty industry faces challenges ranging from sustainability to ethical and to ecological issues. The Natural Beauty Summit America "A new challenge fort he Beauty World" is one in a series of international summits that bring the value chain of participants together to delve into and debate those major challenges. It will take place in New York from 6 October to 7 October 2011.

Two well known beauty experts in both the European & USA market, Marie Alice Dibon and Sandie Jaidane, co-created the 7th edition of this international meeting, which will bring together the international leading market researchers like Kline, Data Monitor, and Informed Intuition with beauty and media experts that studied the market evolutions, new consumers and their expectations. High level discussions in this forum will cover: the latest issues in beauty regulations, current and future natural technologies; natural brands and retailers’ partnerships, living with and optimizing social media, consumer insights, and innovative & provocative trends in sustainability. More information is available here:



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