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Ten years of NatureFlex

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

In 2003, the first NatureFlex film came onto the market. In the last decade, NatureFlex has evolved from being used initially for simple print semi-permeable applications such as fresh produce and bag making. The latest generation of NatureFlex grades is highly print receptive and offers barrier properties for use in demanding flexible packaging applications such as pouches and coffee packs. (Picture: Organic muesli in Innovia Films' sustainable packaging)

A number of partnerships exist between Innovia Films, which produces NatureFlex, and other companies such as Sappi Fine Papers Europe. This year, the organic food manufacturer Lima has chosen Innovia Films’ compostable NatureFlex to wrap its largest range of products. The company's rice packs are available via specialized retail. The UK-based company Fuel for Adventure, producing Mule Bars, is also using Innovia Films’ compostable flexible material as the packaging for its range of natural energy bars. Innovia Films’ cellulose NatureFlex compostable films are also reinforcing Caturra Coffee’s commitment to high quality standards and sustainability philosophy. Working in collaboration with Colpak, new coffee packs were developed for Caturra. These packs were specifically developed using NatureFlex renewable compostable films in their construction. This month, Les Jardins de Gaïa has also decided to pack its range of organic teas in individual NatureFlex sachets.

NatureFlex is based on wood pulp sourced from managed plantations, with 90% biobased carbon content, made from non-food crop, and is GM-free. Carbon footprint and other environmental impacts are reduced by life cycle assessments. The product is industrial compostable, certified to OK Compost’s home composting standard, suitable for anaerobic digestion, and marine biodegradable. NatureFlex is home compostable and disappears / breaks down in about 6 weeks. More information on its sustainability is available here. Innovia’s key sales offices are in Wigton (UK), Atlanta (USA), Melbourne (Australia), Merelbeke (Belgium), and Sao Paulo (Brazil). More information on the company and the product is available here:



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