Conference: Selling Organic, What's the Story?

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As the organic industry continues to grow, the conference Selling Organic, What’s the Story? is being launched in partnership with Organic Farmers & Growers to highlight the need for companies and organisations in the sector to work together to educate consumers on the key messages and benefits of organic food. The conference is to encourage debate and discussion. Selling Organic: What's the Story? will take place at London Southbank University on the October 8, 2009 and speakers will include Craig Sams, founder and president of Green & Black's; Lawrence Woodward, director of Elm Farm Organic Research Centre; Steve Clarke, marketing director at Rachel's and Dom Lane, associate director of Bray Leino PR. The conference will investigate consumer attitudes and look at the most effective ways for the sector to come together to promote and market the organic industry.
Topics will include:

  • How are we doing? The Consumer perspective
  • Selling the benefits - playing to the strengths of organics
  • How current marketing and branding is perceived by consumers
  • What can you say when you're selling organic food? EU/ASA guidance 
  • How big brands harness the organic message
  • Spotlight on the UK-wide organics promotion bid

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