Peru: Macchu Pichu Tourism Trails

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Mountain Lodges of Peru has created a lodge-based trek to Machu Picchu, committed to the social, cultural, and environmental development of the Andean towns located along there. In the region surrounding the lodges 2,400 Andean families live in 135 rural communities. Four mountain lodges can be found along the trail, constructed from local materials and carefully designed with traditional elements. Together with local communities, MLP has evaluated the five basic areas of human development health and nutrition, education, useful projects, work, and the environment. Current projects include health campaigns to fight childhood mortality and malnutrition, and to provide primary health care; support of local commercial or industrial initiatives like the development of handmade textile products, organic gardens, and orchid nurseries.

Although Mountain Lodges of Peru has taken an active role in the development of the local communities, they also created Yanapana Peru, an independent, non-profit organization as the executive arm for Mountain Lodges of Peru’s program for responsible tourism in Peru. Yanapana Peru’s “EcoTeam” of highly qualified professionals in the fields of flora, fauna, and environmental issues is in the process of developing various projects that will benefit the environment and the sustainable development of the communities. Already underway is a project to recycle, reuse, and reduce all waste residues that are produced around the entire Salkantay Route, the cultivation of ancestral medicinal plants for creams, soaps, and other products, reforestation with native species, and the establishment of two Protected Natural Areas, for example. Under consideration for the future is the possible use of solar and hydroelectric power. 
Credits: Pictures by Gernot Frost

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