Bio Summit 2009 in Prague

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The third annual Bio Summit 2009 Conference will take place in Prague on March 25th, 2009. The first two editions opened space for discussions about the opportunities of organic food on the market and its further development. For the next edition, the organizers Green marketing and Blue Events decided to include information and experiences from manufacturing, marketing and retailing organic food in the conference program and also to focus on the opportunities of organic food in gastronomy. Organic food consumption has been growing rapidly during the last three years in the Czech Republic. Retailers intend to offer their customers high quality organic food, ideally from local producers. Bio Summit will therefore include a panel discussion with leading Czech organic food manufacturers and retailers. (Picture: Bio Café Prague)

Bio Summit will also invite all participants to join together and taste the best of organic delicacies at an organic Gala evening after the conference. The Gala Evening will take place at the Hotel InterContintal Prague and will include the Award ceremony of the Best Czech Organic Product 2008. The conference aims at professionals of the sector like owners or top managers, purchasing managers, product or business development managers or marketing managers at retail chains, independent shops, organic or health food shops, food producers or manufacturers, hotels or restaurants, food wholesalers, caterers; top managers at communications, research or service agencies, associations, media and government bodies. The Golden Partners of Bio Summit 2009 are Billa and United-Bakeries. Contact:

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