Second edition of Ecofashion Barcelona

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The second edition of Ecofashion Barcelona will take place at the fair BioCultura at Palau Sant Jordi on 4 May 2012 at 6 pm. Ecofashion aims at promoting green fashion, footwear and crafts. The event is for fashion-oriented professionals, suppliers, press, and public with invitation interested in healthy, sustainable fashion featuring the hottest trends and designs. (Picture: BioCultura promoting Ecofashion)

Under the slogan 'Trust what you wear', Ecofashion is commitment to outstanding creations of designers such as Elena Garcia with a very daring concept of aesthetics, the Ecoolgy collection that calls today's women to return to natural materials, Cristina Salguero (Puregreen) presenting her second collection made with fine materials, and the English firm Liv showing a 100% organic cotton clothing line. All designers meet strict standards regarding environment, ecology and corporate social responsibility.

Following the show, there will be time for networking, accompanied by an organic catering, BioCultura reports. This will be a platform intended for people to meet and learn more about fashion and responsibility. The whole event will take place in a space themed for the occasion with a stage is designed as an art gallery, built from recycled materials.




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